Blogmas – Day 1

Back when I started blogging in 2013, Blogmas was huge and I think every blogger that I followed did Blogmas or Vlogmas in one way or another. We’ve had The Stevenson Life for a number of years, but it’s not something we’ve ever attempted or even considered. We also hadn’t …

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Sexual Harassment

TW: This post will go into detail about sexual harassment and assault. This will be the last post in ‘series’ that we’ve done on sexual harassment, if you want to read the previous posts; my post on catcalling can be found here and my post on sexual harassment in the …

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Birth Trauma – 2 years on.

Birth Trauma

TW: Although I don’t go into specific details within this post, if you have experienced a birth trauma or difficulties surrounding a birth please refrain from reading this post or proceed with caution. As this week is actually Birth Trauma Awareness Week, I thought I would do a bit of …

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