How to Be More Involved in Your Child’s Education.

Childs education

Showing an interest in your child’s education will significantly enhance their academic performance,because it will encourage and motivate them to try their best. There has been lots of research andstudies into parental involvement in a child’s education, most of which conclude that the moreinvolved you are, the more likely the …

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Setting Up the Perfect Study Space for Your Child.

study space

A well-designed study environment for children (or adults) is essential for their ability to learn andretain information. For our children, it can mean the difference between performing well in schoolor struggling their way through. This is especially true at the moment, as many schools around theworld are closed and parents …

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A working mum’s mum guilt.

Working mum guilt

Today’s guest post is from the lovely Ally over at dairysoyafreebubba. Ally posts all sorts – from yummy recipes that are soya and dairy free, to pictures of her gorgeous little boy Jenson! So it’s definitely worth checking her page out. However, when discussing doing a guest post she said …

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My weight and me.

Weight and me

TW: I will be talking about weight issues and topics related to eating disorders within this post, so if you’re effected by these topics please don’t read on ❤️ My weight and me I’d never really considered my weight as a kid, and I think that’s just because I was …

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Living with Iritis (Uveitis) – Things you should know

Living with Iritis

Before I start – this isn’t a sympathy post – whilst I appreciate the good wishes, the last thing I want is anyone to feel sorry for me! Yes, Iritis is a pain (literally and mentally), but no, it doesn’t (really) change my life, and there are people a lot …

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Kids In Quarantine

Kids in Quarantine Book

When Jamie kindly gifted us a copy of his new book “Kids in Quarantine: 178 Ways to Stop Your Children From Driving You Crazy During a Global Pandemic“ (which has come at the best possible time with us being seriously low on ideas) we asked if he’d be interested in …

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Our bucket list for after lockdown.

Lockdown Bucketlist

Recently when we were on a walk around the block, we started talking to Grayson about all the things we wanted to do once lockdown was over and done with. I thought it would make a really nice blogpost, it’s also worth saying that the first thing we want to …

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