A post I don’t want to be writing…. Caroline Flack

Caroline Flack

Trigger warning. This post talks about the recent suicide of Caroline Flack, online trolling and bullying. Please do not read this if you are triggered by these subjects. It’s another post I didn’t want to write, similar to the open letter I wrote to Greg James a few weeks ago …

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Separation anxiety in parents.


I’m sure any parent reading this post is very aware of separation anxiety in children, but if you’re not for any reason, separation anxiety is when children get particularly clingy towards their parents or caregivers. It’s a super normal thing for babies and young children to experience, so if you …

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How becoming a feminist made me a better person.


Feminism is one of those words isn’t it? When you bring it up in conversation if either makes people do a collective sigh, or it piques people’s interests. I have found in recent years that people are more understanding, or you get people that go “yeah me too” which is …

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The positives of having pets around children.

pets and children

If you follow our Instagram then you’ll have seen I recently put up a picture up of Grayson playing with our cat, Kenny. We put up a blog post a while back about introducing a pet to a new baby (which you can read here), but what about when your …

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Putting the “Grand” in to “Grandparents”


I’m incredibly lucky with my family – as life goes on, I become more and more aware of this. I have a pretty large family, and we’re all very close even to this day. I grew up with my Grandparents playing a huge part of my life – My mums …

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Age differences in relationships.

Mark and Ashleigh

Age gaps and relationships tend to get quite mixed opinions, but the negative opinions tend to be a lot stronger than the positive. Mark and I have a 12 year age gap between us, and I can honestly say it’s never caused any issues. I think sometimes people believe that …

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My biggest issue with Thomas Markle.

Thomas Markle

I’ve really tried to bite my tongue with all the stories surrounding Meghan Markle and her family, but more specifically her father. However, it’s left me with so many mixed emotions and frustrations that I finally felt I needed to put it down somewhere. I’m not going to include any …

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A reintroduction to us.


Well hello there! This post might come across like a bit of a random one, but after Mark’s previous post we’ve had a large amount of new readers pop up on our blog and so we felt it was only right to introduce ourselves again. However, we wanted to keep …

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