The Book You Wished Your Parents Had Read : a book review.

I’d asked for this book for my birthday as I’d been desperate to read it for a while. I love reading books that could possibly help me as a person, and even better if they can help me become a better parent. I started reading it about a week or …

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Why you shouldn’t ask someone if they’re planning on having anymore kids, or kids in general.

“Any plans on having anymore kids?” “Oh wouldn’t Grayson be a wonderful big brother” “You’re married now, shouldn’t you think about having kids?” “You won’t be young forever, now’s the best time” I’ve had some of the these comments (as well as others) and heard a number of people receive …

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My Pregnancy Journey

After writing a brief post on how I felt about becoming a mum, I thought I’d do a post on how each trimester of pregnancy has been for me. If we’d been posting at the time, then I would have broken this up into separate posts. However, because I’m now …

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