A Rosetta Stone Review

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The last year has definitely had its challenges, but one thing we’ve been thankful for is spending more time together as a family trying new hobbies.

While our focus has been on keeping the Grayson, lately Ashleigh and I have been trying to figure out new ways to keep ourselves entertained and making the best of the circumstances wherever we can.

One thing we love to do more than anything is travel. But now that that’s out the window (for now anyway!) We’ve turned our attention to finding other ways to bring the travel experience to us. 

I’ve always said I’d love to learn another language, so when we got the opportunity to try Rosetta Stone, we couldn’t wait to give it a go! 

Rosetta Stone has been around for a long time, but they have brought language learning into the 21st century with their amazing app that contains a lot of easy-to-use features.

When I think of language learning, I’m brought back to boring classes in school that never kept my attention. But Rosetta Stone takes a different approach by teaching you conversational words and phrases that you’d actually use in real life. They have over 22 languages to choose from – Italian, Spanish, French, German, and more. There are no classes involved, no time-consuming assignments- all of Rosetta Stones features contain bite-sized interactive assignments that help your brain absorb the information better. Plus, we like that we can take it at our own pace – sometimes our days are just so unpredictable.

I never knew I could actually enjoy the process of learning a new language until I tried Rosetta Stone. Each lesson takes only 15-30 minutes a day and can be downloaded so you can do them without wifi (perfect for a morning stroll with a coffee in hand!)

The Rosetta Stone app couldn’t be easier to use, and the innovative features are next level. My favourite is TruAccent® – it shows you exactly how accurate your pronunciation is with a little icon that would go green, yellow, or red when you speak. It’s fantastic because I feel like I never know what I actually sound like, so this definitely gives me more confidence, plus saying it out loud helps it stick in your head a lot quicker!

The Phrasebook and Seek & Speak® features are also great and we’ve loved putting them to the test! Phrasebook tells you out loud how to say short, useful expressions and Seek & Speak lets you have a fun scavenger hunt-like activity for everyday items, like fruit and vegetables. It will tell you to seek out everyday items you’d have in your kitchen, and once you take a picture of one of the items, it will translate it for you. Being able to visualise the item and the word associated with is such a great way to teach.

Rosetta Stone has a few plans available, but their annual plan gives you access to all of their languages for only £7,99 a month. I’ve been trying my hand at Spanish, but having access to all of the languages has been great and we’re having a lot of fun exploring them all.

As we all try and navigate the world we’re living in, having a hobby that is actually helping me to learn and grow has been a godsend. Rosetta Stone has helped us pass the time in a way that’s going to be beneficial when things go back to normal. 

The folks at Rosetta Stone want to show their thanks! Here’s a special offer for our readers only: Get 24 Languages For The Price Of One!


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