Pregnancy and Birth

Birth Trauma – 2 years on.

Birth Trauma

TW: Although I don’t go into specific details within this post, if you have experienced a birth trauma or difficulties surrounding a birth please refrain from reading this post or proceed with caution. As this week is actually Birth Trauma Awareness Week, I thought I would do a bit of …

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Top Tips for expectant parents.

Expectant Parents

We have another guest post today, and this time it’s from my lovely friend Shona over at _homeandfamily on Instagram, with some top tips for expectant parents. Shona and I bonded over our ‘mummies boys’ (she’s mummy to Archie, who is an absolute sweetheart!) and our friendship has grown ever …

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Why I wouldn’t have a labour induced again.

*TW: if you have issues surrounding labour, induction, forceps and birth trauma: please read with care or don’t read on” I’ve seen a lot of stories in the media recently surrounding labour and being induced, and the positives and negatives of induction. Having been induced with Grayson, I can understand …

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Why you shouldn’t ask someone if they’re planning on having anymore kids, or kids in general.

“Any plans on having anymore kids?” “Oh wouldn’t Grayson be a wonderful big brother” “You’re married now, shouldn’t you think about having kids?” “You won’t be young forever, now’s the best time” I’ve had some of the these comments (as well as others) and heard a number of people receive …

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My Pregnancy Journey

After writing a brief post on how I felt about becoming a mum, I thought I’d do a post on how each trimester of pregnancy has been for me. If we’d been posting at the time, then I would have broken this up into separate posts. However, because I’m now …

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