The Beautiful Wanderer Kevil Watch

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a bit of a thing for a good watch (or in some instances, a bad watch!). Working with the amazing Trendhim, I’ve been given the opportunity to review the stunningly beautiful Wanderer Kevil Watch.

The Wanderer Kevil Watch

As I’ve grown older (yes, I’m feeling older), I’ve started to appreciate the finer things in life. I’m no longer wanting to purchase cheap and cheerful options, instead I’ll save and buy the products that might last long enough for me to enjoy using them (with the exception of socks, then I complain when they’re all full of holes soon after buying them).

Watches are no exception

I remember my parents making a comment once, after I returned from University with yet another watch. “You and watches, can’t you just find one and stick to it!” Well, parents, it’s a firm “No” from me on this one, and here’s why;

You see, a watch isn’t just something to tell the time with – it’s an accessory. It represents your style, and should match both your outfit, and the activity you’re undertaking. It’s no longer a case of there just being a few good brands around – there are many fantastic watch manufacturers who spend a huge amount of time and effort ensuring their products are both beautiful, and robust.

And that’s where Sidegren have mastered it with the Wanderer Kevil Watch.

It’s important to note here – whilst this watch was gifted, I didn’t have to review this specific watch – I selected it from a range of products. This review isn’t based on anything other than my own judgements and opinions.

Firstly, let’s talk about the build. This is a delicately created timepiece. It’s not big, it’s not bulky, which is great for me, because I have the wrists of a 6 year old. It has a slim, 8mm profile, which means it doesn’t protrude from your wrist, and more importantly, won’t get stuck on your sleeves.

The details on the Wanderer Kevil Watch

The hands are gold, and nice and crisp for a quick glance, with the seconds hand being a vibrant turquoise blue, adding a nice touch of colour, without being too garish. The hands sit on a lovely brushed steel effect backing, which adds a nice touch of grey to offset the gold and turquoise. The strap is interchangeable, with a brown leather one provided.

It’s waterproof to 3AM, which is fine for the occasional splash or forgetting to remove it in the shower – however, with the strap being leather, I’ll be totally honest, you really won’t want to submerge that for any prolonged period of time. For me, that’s fine – I’m very much in the habit of removing watches, wedding rings etc before doing any form of activity involving water – I’ve lost and damaged too many over the years, that lesson has been learned.

My other reason for accepting to review this beautiful watch? The photography side of it. Those of you who follow my Instagram will know that I enjoy getting out and about with the camera – so this offered me an opportunity to experiment with different objects. It’s easy to take beautiful pictures of beautiful things.

Overall, this really is a must-have for the accessory drawer. On a day to day basis, I currently wear a Withings ScanWatch – which for me is the ideal mix between a smart watch and every day simplicity – I might blog about that in another post – but the Wanderer Kevil Watch is something else – something that I’ll wear for an evening out, or when I don’t want the bulk of a smart watch on my wrist. It’s certainly a watch that I want to wear, and want to show off.

The Wanderer Kevil watch is currently priced at £119 (as of 19th Oct 2021), and is available from the amazing people over at TrendHim. Having worked with Trendhim previously, I can assure you their products and service are second to none – you won’t be disappointed. You can also read our other reviews and opinions just here.

*Disclaimer* The Wanderer Kevil Watch was a gifted product in return of this review. However, the opinions given are my own and in no way dictated by Trendhim. We pride ourselves on only providing honest reviews for the products or services we receive as gifts – there’s no value to them if they’re not honest!

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