A Function of Beauty review.

Function of Beauty

Disclaimer – I was gifted these products in return for a review, but all thoughts included are my own. Function of Beauty is a brand I’ve come across over the years and always looked at longingly, because their products always look so beautiful and I love anything that is specifically …

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Birth Trauma – 2 years on.

Birth Trauma

TW: Although I don’t go into specific details within this post, if you have experienced a birth trauma or difficulties surrounding a birth please refrain from reading this post or proceed with caution. As this week is actually Birth Trauma Awareness Week, I thought I would do a bit of …

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Top Tips for expectant parents.

Expectant Parents

We have another guest post today, and this time it’s from my lovely friend Shona over at _homeandfamily on Instagram, with some top tips for expectant parents. Shona and I bonded over our ‘mummies boys’ (she’s mummy to Archie, who is an absolute sweetheart!) and our friendship has grown ever …

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How becoming a feminist made me a better person.


Feminism is one of those words isn’t it? When you bring it up in conversation if either makes people do a collective sigh, or it piques people’s interests. I have found in recent years that people are more understanding, or you get people that go “yeah me too” which is …

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Evening Skincare Routine


If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you’ll know that a few weeks ago I wrote about my morning skincare routine, so I thought it would only be right to delve into my evening routine! I tend to use a few more products in the evening as I like …

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Morning Skincare Routine


I’ve found as I’ve gotten older that I’ve got more and more into skincare and looking after my skin. I’m very lucky that my skin is pretty unproblematic, and the only real issue I get is a few spots when I’m on my period. So I like to try and …

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Why I wouldn’t have a labour induced again.

*TW: if you have issues surrounding labour, induction, forceps and birth trauma: please read with care or don’t read on” I’ve seen a lot of stories in the media recently surrounding labour and being induced, and the positives and negatives of induction. Having been induced with Grayson, I can understand …

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Baby names we liked but didn’t use.

Before Mark and I even knew we were having a baby we’d discussed baby names and Grayson was always our number 1 choice. We obviously played around with the idea of a few different names, but nothing ever came above Grayson for us. However, these are some of the names …

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Ways my body has changed since being pregnant.

I was showering the other day, and as I was washing I started thinking about all the ways my body has changed since having Grayson. I’m not talking about the typical bodily changes that happen during pregnancy and then change back, these are the ones that even 20 months down …

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Is there ever a right time to start a family?

My brain works in such a mysterious way sometimes, that it’ll just throw little brain teasers at me every now and then. One that I’ve recently had is ‘is there a right time to start a family?’. Which got me thinking. I’d always known I wanted kids, and that I …

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