Rediscovering my identity with IDentity Lingerie.

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Disclaimer – I was gifted these items from IDentity Lingerie in return for a review, but all thoughts and opinions included are our own. You can read more of our reviews and opinions here.

IDentity Lingerie

I think that most of you can probably agree that the dream (other than to win the lottery), is having clothes that make you look amazing and feel amazing. As I get older, and since becoming a mum, my relationship with my body and confidence has changed significantly compared to when I was younger. So I’m always looking for anything that I feel comfortable in, but that also leaves me feeling incredible.

Enter IDentity Lingerie – a family run, UK based business design and create the most beautiful lingerie and nightwear (as well as the most gorgeous silk wrap dresses that I want to own in every single colour that they have).

When they lovely people over at IDentity Lingerie asked me if I would like to try out some of their pieces, I didn’t even think for a second. This is for 2 reasons: the first being that from reading all about their company, I knew they were a brand I could get behind (more on this later), and the second was because I’m a sucker for beautiful pyjamas and underwear!

All their products are hand made, and they are an incredibly ethical business which is always such a breathe of fresh air to see. They are also an amazingly environmentally friendly brand, as their items are made to order so that there is little to no wastage, and they are against using cheap and harmful materials. They are just a wonderful company, and you can tell this instantly from their website and the way they put themselves across.

IDentity Lingerie Set
IDentity Lingerie Set

I was lucky enough to get to choose a lingerie set and a sleepwear set, and I took this decision VERY seriously. I spent hours going through their longline lace bralette and going over all the colours, fits, what I think I would feel most amazing in. I eventually settled on a gorgeous red little number and the matching bottoms, and I’m so glad I did.

When they arrived, they felt so well made and expensive. Like the type of thing you would buy in a luxury lingerie brand on Oxford Street. The colour was so deep, and the silk and lace made them feel so luxurious. I felt incredible and I felt sexy, which is something I don’t often feel since becoming a parent.

Next up was the nightwear. I’ve found as I’ve got older I’ve had more of an appreciation for pyjamas, but I’ve definitely got 2 types that I love above all else: fluffy long pyjamas and comfy short pyjamas. Having had a quick browse through IDentity’s nightwear collection, I knew that I would personally want something shorter. So I looked through their short sleeve satin pyjamas and fell in love with this paisley set. In all honesty, I wanted to get everything and it’s the also the first time in a long time that I’ve considered a night dress, because they are stunning.

When I opened up the parcel and felt this, I did actually make a little “ooooh” noise because they feel so silky and fancy. I did end up putting them on that night, and felt like I should have been staying in a fancy hotel. I also loved that the shorts were stretchy, because I find I get quite bloated some evenings, and this just meant I had more room to move about in.

I’ve been wearing the pieces so much, because they’re so comfortable and make me feel good about myself. Any time I look at them, I’m blown away by the attention to detail that you can see has been put into each item. They really have been handled with so much care.

If you’re looking to find some comfortable and cosy pyjamas or some new lingerie that leaves you feeling sexy and amazing, then IDentity lingerie are your people! I couldn’t recommend them enough! A huge huge thank you to Diana and the team at IDentity for being so kind and sending me these pieces, I absolutely love them.

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