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So, this is the first in a (hopefully) long list of posts that myself and Mark decided to do.

We’ve been in discussion about starting up a joint blog for some time now, and just pushed it to the back of our minds. However, after a glass or two of wine earlier this evening we both decided to take the plunge and finally start the blog we’d both wanted!

Individually, we have both had blogs and websites. Mark is the brains of the two of us (although he’ll disagree with this) and is the coder and computer programmer of the couple, and this was reflected in his previous websites. He is, however, also an extremely talented photographer, chef and DIY guru. The majority of Marks posts will probably be a mixture of the above.

Before starting this website, I did have my own blog which was a mixture of all things beauty, skincare, hair care and lifestyle. I myself have a passion for writing and photography and so my post will probably be along these lines.

Our hopes with starting this blog are that we can post about any future adventures we may have and even the more mundane activities in our lives.

Thank you for following our journey

Ashleigh (and Mark) xoxo

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