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Hi everyone,

So I feel like I should apologise. Around 2 years ago, Mark and I started this blog together with the hopes of updating regularly and just generally enjoying putting posts up.

We’ve both gone through stages of writing blog posts and really enjoying it, but then something will get in the way and side track us and we’ll just completely forget. Initially that was raising a tiny human, which thankfully we now have a bit more of an understanding of. Most recently it’s been planning and preparing for said tiny human turning 1 and also our wedding.

Grayson turned 1 in April and he really is just the most incredible kid, don’t get me wrong he has his full on toddler days that make me question my sanity- but most days he’s an absolute legend. Then, a few weeks later in April, Mark and I finally got married! The day was absolutely incredible and everything we’d hoped for.

So as you can probably understand, things have been BUSY. However, both Mark and I have said that we want to make a conscious effort to put more posts up now that all the big stuff is out of the way.

Please forgive us, and stay tuned for some upcoming blog posts on all things wedding, home renovations and just general day to day stuff!

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