The problem with being a boy mama.

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So, from the name of this post, you’re probably thinking I’m going to complain about being a mum to a little boy.

Well, you’d be wrong! The problem with being the mama of a boy, is the expectations and gender specifics pushed on parents and the little boy.

One of the first things people will say to me or Mark is “he’s so handsome, he’s going to be such a heartbreaker”. We always smile and do a little “haha thanks”. However, we’ve both agreed that although it’s meant as a compliment, it’s far from it. Why would my son being a heartbreaker being something for me to be proud of or look forward to? I’d never call somebody out on this, because I know it’s meant as a compliment, it’s just always been a weird thing for people to say about a baby.

I’ve also noticed with certain people, that they’re never sure how to react when Mark and I call Grayson beautiful. Let’s be real, Grayson is beautiful, but I think people expect us to call him handsome because people see ‘beautiful’ as girly. We always call him pretty and beautiful and stunning and gorgeous and all the things that people seem to consider descriptive words for girls. I don’t see why certain words are stuck towards certain genders.

However, my biggest irk with raising a little boy so far is the clothes. I constantly dress Grayson in leggings, and I can only ever find plain leggings in the girls sections of shops. JUST BECAUSE I HAVE A BOY DOESN’T MEAN HE CAN’T WEAR LEGGINGS. And why can’t a boy wear yellow?! I’ve had some many discussions with friends about this. Just because I have a boy, doesn’t mean he can’t wear yellow and leggings. I don’t want to constantly put him in cameo and joggers and trucks and things like that, can’t I just have a mixture of clothing in my child’s wardrobe??

I will always be the parent that buys my little boy footballs AND Barbies. He can be gentle AND strong. He can do rugby AND ballet.

I will teach him it’s okay to cry, and he can have his nails painted and dress up as Elsa if he wants.

As long as my little boy is happy, anyones negative opinions do not matter.

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