A letter to 14 year old me.

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This letter is coming to you from someone a whole 10 years older. Which is insane to think I was 14 that long ago. By 24 you will have gotten married and had a child, which isn’t far behind what you’d hoped would happen.

Life has definitely had some ups and downs in those years, but as cliché as it sounds, it does get easier.

A lot of the friends you have aren’t around anymore, and it will hurt initially, but that’s OK. Because the ones that really matter have remained, and you do make new friends along the way. You also lose a lot of family, some from death and others by choice and it never gets easier I’m afraid but you get past it by loving the family you do have.

You don’t go to university like you thought you would, and you’ll feel like a failure for a little while but you find a job area that works for you and that you enjoy so don’t feel too disappointed.

Soon you will experience a very dark period in life, and that dark period will last for a while and you may feel like it never ends. Light will reappear in the dark though, you just have to keep trying to push through and admit that you’re struggling.

Your husband is an incredible man and makes you believe in true love, but he also helps you heal and realise that there are good men in the world. You have a son, who looks like his daddy but he has your nose. He has your stubbornness and your temper and he is also a huge drama queen (which right now you won’t accept, but give it a few years and you’ll get over it). He’s an incredible little boy and a joy to be with.

The quote you soon find and fall in love with still applies “if flowers can teach themselves how to bloom after winter passes, then so can you”. Don’t give up because life gets so much better.

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