How I stay organised.

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Being a mum, working part time and running a blog with Mark means that I’m constantly looking for ways to stay organised. I also find because a lot of the time my mind is going a million miles an hour, that if I can organise my thoughts it helps calm my thoughts. I think everyone can benefit from being a bit more organised, so I thought why not share what helps me!

To do lists

I find to do lists extremely helpful, especially at work. I have so much that I need to get done in the 20 hours I work, and I undoubtedly forget things, but at the beginning of every week I write a list of everything that I need to remember to get done.

I also use at an app called ‘Tasks’ that I use for all my to do’s. I have 4 groups: family, work, home and misc and have tasks set up under each. I talk more about this app (and other apps mentioned in this post) in a post that’s coming up later this month. So if you’re interested, keep your eyes peeled!


This is another one where I use electronic and physical. I have a physical diary at work that I use, so that I can take note of any meetings or training that’s coming up. I arrange a lot of different events a work, so it’s really useful to take note of when these things are.

Mark and I also use a joint calendar app called ‘timetree’, to input anything we have coming up. Mark has a lot of family and so we usually have a lot of family events coming up that we need to try and remember. I also use it to remind myself when our blog posts are scheduled for.

Set reminders.

I am extremely forgetful, and although I try to keep organised, I always end up forgetting something. If it’s really important and I don’t want to forget, I’ll set a reminder/alarm to go off so that when it inevitably slips my mind I don’t have to worry too much about that.

I know it may not seem like a lot, and they may all seem like really obvious tips, but I find that just keeping these things in mind helps me to stay a bit more organised. They may not work for you, but if you ever struggle with organisation then maybe these will help you!

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