Introducing a pet to a new baby.

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When we found out we were having Grayson, after the initial shock had worn off we suddenly thought “crap! What about the fur baby??”

Our first little baby.

Kenny is our beautiful (not so little) moggy, who before Grayson was born, was our main baby and was quite spoilt by us. The last thing we wanted to do was put any stress on to Kenny and make him feel like it wasn’t his home anymore, but we also wanted to make sure that he understood some of the changes that were going to happen.

We didn’t want to throw all this on to Ken the moment Grayson was born and so we decided to do it gradually so that he would adjust at a calm pace.

We started by putting the bedside crib up quite early on, so that he could get used to it and learn that he wasn’t supposed to sit or sleep in the crib. We obviously caught him a few times initially, but once the newness had worn off he wasn’t bothered.

We then moved on to phase 2.

Phase 2, we bought the most horrific baby from Amazon and dressed in in baby clothes. We’d put it in the crib and hold it so that he could get used to the smell of the babies clothes. A quick note to say, we didn’t pick this baby knowing how bloody horrifying it was. However, we wanted something that looked vaguely realistic.

After this we then started playing baby noises at different times of the day and night so that he’d get used to the sound. We’d play it when he was asleep or when he was just chilling with us, so that he wouldn’t stress when Grayson was born, if he was a particularly noisy baby.

When Grayson was finally born, Ken really didn’t care in the slightest. It wasn’t until Grayson got older and started to annoy Ken that he actually paid attention to him, but they’re both so good with each other which is a huge relief.

The lads playing!

Obviously, cats are a lot more laid back than dogs and can come and go as they please but our cat was very spoilt, and used to being the main man, hence why we wanted to help make him feel comfortable. However, if you’re worried about your dog then these tips might still help.

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