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Mark shared a post a while back about some of his favourite songs, that you can read here. This isn’t a post on my favourite tracks, as I have so many and I’m so indecisive that I’d end up stressed out with a VERY long post. So instead, I’m going to share the 10 songs I’ve currently got playing on repeat most days.

I’ve got 5 on it – Luniz

I liked this song a while back, but then completely forgot about it until Mark and I watched Us by Jordan Peele (definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it) and since then we’ve both had it on repeat!

Are you bored yet? – Wallows (feat. Clairo)

I found this song after going on one of my YouTube/Spotify new music spree’s it’s super catchy and I really like putting it on when I’m walking to work. Fun fact, the singer for Wallows is the actor who plays Clay Jensen from 13 reasons why!

Prom Queen – Catie Turner

I’m not a fan on Shane Dawson or Jefree Star, and I haven’t watched any of their YouTube videos but when the advert for their new series came up on twitter this song automatically played and I became a bit obsessed with it. It’s such a mellow song, and makes me feel so chilled.

Who do u love? – Monsta X

I know nothing about K-pop and I wouldn’t call myself a ‘fan’ as such, but every so often I come across a K-pop song that I get really into. This time it’s who do u love, its such a dance/bass tune and I tend to put it on really loud whenever I have the chance.

My strange addiction – Billie Eilish

I really like Billie Eilish and I love the office (which she samples in the track) so there isn’t much more to say about this one.

Redbone – Childish Gambino

I listen to redbone at least twice a week, I’d say it’s definitely on my list of all time favourite songs. Childish Gambino is an absolute musical genius (and a pretty incredible actor) so I had to include this one. It’s just such an amazing song.

Strangers (acoustic) – Sigrid

No offence to Sigrid (I’m sure she’d be really offended by 1 opinion on a little blog) but the acoustic version of Strangers FAR outweighs the classic version. It’s far last pop and I feel like the style of music fits with the lyrics so much better.

God is a woman (Ariana Grande) cover – Dodie, Julia Nunes and Orla Gartland

I’ve had this in my favourites on YouTube for a while now, I don’t know how I came across it but I always find it really therapeutic to listen to. The 3 girls voices blend so well together, it’s just lush.

Amen – Amber Run

I’m a huge Amber Run fan, and when I saw them live last month they played this song and although I loved it before it’s one of those songs that when you’ve heard it live you get a whole new love and appreciation for it. It’s an incredible song by and incredibly talented band.

The whole Hamilton soundtrack

I love musicals and I love the theatre, and I love Lin-Manuel Miranda so when I came across the Hamilton soundtrack a few months ago I had it on repeat every day to and from work as loud as my headphones would go. I’d love to see Hamilton on stage one day, as its supposed to be incredible. If you like musicals then you should definitely check out the whole soundtrack, but for now I’ll just leave you with one of my favourites from the album!

So these are the songs I’m currently playing on repeat (I know the last one is technically cheating, but ah well!) I hope the music share is appreciated and if anyone has any music they’d like to share with Mark and I then please comment below or send us an email with your suggestions!

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