Ways my body has changed since being pregnant.

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I was showering the other day, and as I was washing I started thinking about all the ways my body has changed since having Grayson. I’m not talking about the typical bodily changes that happen during pregnancy and then change back, these are the ones that even 20 months down the line I’ve still got!

Skin tags

The main change I’ve had since pregnancy is skin tags. Around the 20 week mark of pregnancy, I noticed I’d started to get loads of little skin tags all over my body but more specifically on my neck and collarbones. Most of them were really small and disappeared, but the one’s on my neck and collarbones are still there and although they aren’t huge I’m still really aware of them.

Hair loss

Oh my god the hair loss. This is one that everyone tells you about, but nothing prepared me for how much hair I’d lose and that I’m still losing nearly 2 years on. I reckon from the amount of hair I’ve lost I could make a fully grown hair version of myself. I’m hoping the hair loss will die down one day.

Phantom kicks

2 bloody years on, and I still feel kicks in my womb. This is an actual thing, that I had to Google about 6 months after having Grayson because I couldn’t understand how I was supposedly pregnant enough to feel a baby kick?! Turns out I wasn’t, and this was just a nice little gift that I was going to be left with. For some woman it doesn’t happen, for others it happens for a little while and for others it happens for years. It’s a super strange feeling when you know you aren’t pregnant but you can feel a baby kick.

Fatter fingers

I had pretty bad water retention whilst I was pregnant (I’ll insert a picture of my feet below this paragraph for example) and so I looked like I looked like the pillsbury dough boy for a good few months. Although the water retention died down and I lost the baby weight, my fingers never went completely back to normal and I actually had to get my engagement ring resized because my fingers are just ever so slightly bigger than they used to be.

Can you tell I was overdue and couldn’t get to my feet to cut or paint my nails?

Have you found any symptoms carried on after having your babies?

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