A reintroduction to us.

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Well hello there! This post might come across like a bit of a random one, but after Mark’s previous post we’ve had a large amount of new readers pop up on our blog and so we felt it was only right to introduce ourselves again.

However, we wanted to keep it short and sweet and so instead of writing paragraphs on ourselves we decided to bullet point some information all about us. So let’s get started!

  • We met on Twitter
  • We have a 12 year age gap between us
  • We have a (nearly) 2 year old boy called Grayson
  • We moved to Liverpool 3 months after becoming ‘official’
  • We love watching live music and have been to Latitude Festival the past 3 years, and hopefully plan on going again this year
  • However, we’ve only been to the cinema once in our whole relationship
  • We are celebrating our first wedding anniversary in April
  • Mark works for Liverpool Football Club
  • Ashleigh works part time for a local charity
  • We live on the Norfolk/Suffolk border
  • We have 7 year old cat called Kenny, he’s an indoor cat and very spoilt.
  • We’ve both had separate blogs in the past, and decided to start TheStevensonLife as a way to write about everything and anything!

So welcome to all our new readers, thank you so much for reading our posts and hopefully you’ll enjoy all the posts that are yet to come!

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