Setting Up the Perfect Study Space for Your Child.

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A well-designed study environment for children (or adults) is essential for their ability to learn and
retain information. For our children, it can mean the difference between performing well in school
or struggling their way through. This is especially true at the moment, as many schools around the
world are closed and parents are forced to home school. With these thoughts in mind, I have
teamed up with a private sixth form in Edgeware to offer you the following advice regarding the
perfect study space for your child.

Is Natural Light an Option?

There are lots of things to consider when setting up a study environment for your youngster. Firstly,
you should think about the lighting. Natural light is far better for productivity so it would be better
to set-up near a window if possible. Of course, this is not an option for everyone but it’s important
to note that artificial light may lead to headaches and eye strain. With that in mind, encourage your
child to take frequent breaks away from their desk to rest their eyes. You should also make sure that
your child’s desk and chair are a suitable height for their body so that they do not end up with back
or neck aches, or any other types of discomfort.

Is There Enough Storage Space to Keep Things Neat and Tidy?

When it comes to efficiency, preparation is key. In other words, if you want your child to make the
most out of their study time, make sure they have everything they need to hand so that they don’t
end up spending half an hour searching for a missing ruler or other supplies. What’s more, it might
be wise to put together a study schedule and pin it up somewhere near their desk so that they know
which subjects they should be working on and when. Make sure the space is tidy and organised and
perhaps install some shelving or other storage options to ensure books and other equipment is kept
in an orderly fashion.

Are There Any Distractions?

Try and ensure that the study space is free from distractions. In other words, it shouldn’t be in the
living room where other people are watching TV or playing video games, as your child will never get
anything done. Of course, not everyone has the space in their homes to set up a private study
environment for our kids, or the money to buy fancy ergonomic chairs and desks. All you can do is
your best and that will be good enough for your child.

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