A review of the amazing Chalkola Chalk Markers.

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We were recently gifted a pack of the Chalkola Chalk Markers to try out in return for a review, which we were more than happy to do. Chalk and paints are 2 items I wanted to get Grayson for his birthday (as he’s running low) and I couldn’t get any delivered in good time and these looked like a great mix of the two.

Chalkola Chalk Markers

We had a box of 30 different colours and a chalk board arrive, and Grayson and I were playing with them within 2 minutes of opening the box. You start by giving the pens a shake, and then pressing them on the surface a few times until the liquid comes to the tip. The colours are so vibrant and pretty, although I did find some of the more pastel colours didn’t work that well on the chalkboard, even if I went over them a few times.

Chalkola Chalk Markers
Chalkola Chalk Markers

As you can see on the image above, the pens work on all non-porous surfaces and so I knew EXACTLY where I wanted to use them. So the next day when it was sunny, we took them out to the garden and used them on the glass doors the lead from our utility room to the garden. I must say I prefer the pens on a glass surface, every single colour comes out beautifully and so clearly, even the pastels are lovely on glass!

We practiced our shapes and colours, and had Mark stand on the other side of the glass so that Grayson could draw daddy’s face (although it did just end up one big scribble) but we had so much fun using them and then I just used the hose and a cloth to wipe it off afterwards.

If you follow us on Instagram you’ll see that the chalkola chalk markers chalkboard is now being used as a meal planner, which has been such a help as Mark and I are terrible for not deciding until the day what to have for dinner – so having this at pride of place in our kitchen is a godsend right now. I love being able to sit and write out our different meals – because with 30 different colours to choose from, it’s such a nice activity for us to have. So they’re great for adults and kids.

It’s important to note that you should leave them to dry before trying to rub them with a wet cloth, because when the chalk is still wet it gets a bit messy (and I learnt this the hard way). This pack is currently £22.95 on Amazon, which may sound expensive, but for 30 different coloured pens I don’t think that’s all that bad!

If you’re interested in having a look at the chalk pens, or any other products that Chalkola have on offer – their website can be found here (where you can use the code CHALKOLA10 for 10% off) and all their products are also on Amazon. You can also read our other product reviews here.

*Disclaimer* We were gifted these products by Chalkola in return for a review. However, all opinions within the post are completely our own.

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  1. These look great. I used to use similar chalk pens for writing special offers on A butcher’s shop window that I used to work at. Great for decorating your windows at christmas time too.


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