New Tunes Tuesday – Week 3 – Chicane – Early

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This weeks New Tunes Tuesday track is something a bit different. Normally, I’m all about the lyrics in songs, and try to draw meanings from them and relate to them where possible. But this week, we’re heading down a different road, courtesy of Chicane.

Chicane, aka Nicholas Bracegirdle, had their first success way back in the 90’s with tracks such as “Offshore” and “Saltwater” (I bet you’ve heard them, because they’ve been remixed and used on all kinds of adverts and so on over the years). If you’re in to your dance music, then you’ll be more than familiar. Also, be sure to listen to “No Ordinary Morning” – because its lyrically beautiful.

So, without any further ado….pop your phone down, close the emails, sit back and enjoy 4 minutes of bliss.

New Tunes Tuesday – Chicane – Early

This track comes from one of my all time favourite albums – Far From The Maddening Crowd. You know some albums, you stick on random, pick out a few favourite songs, and the rest just fade from memory? Well, this is NOT one of those albums. You have to play it in order, the tracks blend seamlessly in to one another – and it’s just so beautifully composed, I can’t even begin to explain. A lovely mix of mellow ambient tunes, highs and lows, and of course, the classic “Offshore” to-boot.

This is now one of the most expensive vinyl records in my collection – I just had to have it on vinyl. It cost me a lot, more than I’ve ever spent on a record, but it’s mint. If you’re looking for some music to help you chill, and be productive, then this album is it!

Enough talking, please give it a listen, it might just be your cup of tea. If it is, check out bands / artists such as Zero 7, Groove Armada and Air, to name but a few.

You can also follow our New Tunes Tuesday playlist on Spotify, if you wanted a playlist of all the tracks we add over the coming weeks, or check out previous new tunes Tuesday posts.

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