Roarr! Dinosaur Theme Park – Amazing Norfolk Days out Part 3

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This week, we’re sharing our review on Roarr! Dinosaur theme park, which is based North West of Norwich, near Lenwade. This is not a paid review, ad, or gifted post – just an opinion of our recent visit.

Roarr! Dinosaur Theme Park

The clue as to what this park offers is very much in the name. Roarr! is very much an outdoor trip (so check the weather first), featuring woodland walks to hunt for the Dinosaurs. But that’s not all.

Dinosaur Theme Park
Dinosaur Theme Park

You’d best pack a change of clothes and some swimwear for the kids, because there’s a small splash park area that will, without a doubt, have you soaked through. Unfortunately due to Covid, your time here is limited to 15 minute slots, so manage the numbers, but even in 15 minutes, Grayson had the time of his life, and managed to get absolutely soaked. The sun was out, and we bought spare clothes for him, so it was great to relax and watch him enjoy himself! That brings me on to my next point, actually.

Covid Precautions

As with everywhere now, Roarr! Dinosaur Theme Park have ensured that their attractions are “Covid Secure”. There’s hand sanitiser scattered at various points around the park, so you can keep on top of that side of things. There’s also staff walking around cleaning, and social distancing markers on the floor where required to help people keep a distance.

In the animal barn, you need to wear a face covering, but we’re all used to that by now, right?

As with other venues, they’ve made a video to show what precautions are in place:

You need to pre-book tickets to gain entry

Food and Drink

I was pleasantly surprised with the food and drink offerings here. Normally, you can expect over priced fast food – and whilst this was fast food, it wasn’t your normal greasy burger. I had a Falafel burger (they’re not just for vegetarians you know!), Ash had a burger and chips that was really good. They offered Pizza, too. I think it’s a reduced menu, but I’m fine with that, do a few things, and do them nicely, instead of offering a huge menu and it all being a bit naff. So hats off there.

The second surprise, was that they serve alcohol. Now this is never a big point for me, we pretty much never drink during the day, but it was Ashleighs birthday, so we had a little glass of wine and a beer with our food.

There’s ample outdoor seating, spaced out, and if the benches are full, there’s plenty of green areas to settle down in.


Lots! The main event, the Dinosaur trail, is a good 20 minute walk I’d estimate – and that doesn’t account for stopping, photos and so on. You can walk around as much as you like. There’s the splash park, a couple of play areas, a maze, ride-on-cars, a huge sandpit with brushes in it so the kids can hunt for dinosaur bones, and lots of other small attractions around the park.

Grayson and his Cousin running around at the Dinosaur Theme Park
Grayson and his Cousin running around at the Dinosaur Theme Park

There’s also a high-wire course, and a small animal farm. I think you need to book a time slot on the high wire circuit, so best check that when you arrive so you don’t miss your chance. Gracie is a bit young for that, so we didn’t go on it. And that leads me nicely to my next point….


This is a real issue for us. Grayson, is two. But for a 2 year old, he’s tall. The kid wears clothing for 4 to 5 year olds. Roarr! Dinosaur Theme Park have a “90cm” policy, whereby, if your child is under 90cm, they get in for free. If they’re over, they’re classed as an Adult, and cost a whopping £16.50. Thankfully, we have passes for the local Sea Life center, which give us half price entry, but to think that we’d be expected to pay an Adult price, because of his height, is very annoying. There’s no way he’d go on the “Adult” rides. Height should rarely be used a guideline for pricing – because it doesn’t reflect the amount of enjoyment a child will get from the attractions. Age, however, is a much better guide.

My advice to Roarr! is to really re-think that – maybe offer a child ticket. Under 3s, free. Child (3 to 10 or something), is £7.50. I don’t know, but there certainly should be an middle ground to make it fairer for those of us with tall babies!

Anyway, that aside, it is one of the more expensive days out, but it is just that, a day out. We could have stayed longer, and when the splash park is open without needing to book a slot, then it’s a full day out in the sun without exception.


If the weather is good, Roarr! Dinosaur Theme Park is a great family day out. I promise there’s plenty to do for the whole day. It is one of the more expensive days that we’ve reviewed, but if you can find a coupon code, or if you have a pass for other local attractions, then check to see if you can get a discount.

Don’t forget to book online first, and remember, bring a change of clothes!

You can find out more about Roarr! Dinosaur Theme Park on their website – and read more of our Norfolk Days Out series here.

2 thoughts on “Roarr! Dinosaur Theme Park – Amazing Norfolk Days out Part 3”

  1. Great review Mark.

    The dinosaurs look so cool, also sounds like they have got the covid stuff pretty much covered.

    Shame about the pricing. We found that with our recent trip to Gullivers theme park. 90cm plus were an adult price. Half the rides. There pig couldn’t even go on due to the height.

    • Thanks Eddie – It’s a great day out. Unfortunately the 90cm rule seems to be in quite a few places, I know it’s the height at which they can they go on certain rides, but you simply wouldn’t let a 2 year old them to begin with! Kinda stupid really!


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