Becoming more mindful with The Daily Goal Setter Planner.

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Mål Paper – Daily Goal Setter.

I’m always looking at different positive changes I can make in my daily life; from drinking more water, to trying to do 10,000 steps a day. One big area I’m always looking to better is my mental health and I do this by trying to be more mindful. Suffering from anxiety can have a massive effect on how mindful I am in certain situations, and it can make me quite pessimistic a lot of the time. I also find, that because of my anxiety I find life much easier when I have some sort of routine and organisation in place so that I can have a plan of action.

I have tried bullet journals in the past, but because I’m very self critical I’m never happy with how they look. I have a number of different apps that I use to help organise our lives, but I’m very old school in that sometimes all I want to do is sit with a pen and a nice notebook. So when the team over at Mål Paper asked if I’d like to try out their Daily Goal Setter Planner I was over the moon.

Daily Goal Setter

This planner is everything I’ve been looking for but have been struggling to find. The black faux leather cover and embossed gold foil makes it look so subtle and sleek. At the start of the planner it has instructions on how best to use the planner, and I found this really useful as I didn’t realise just how many uses there was going to be to this beauty. You can set short term and long term goals for yourself, create lists of weekly and daily tasks that need completing, use the calendar for each month – and this is just a few of the MANY different uses for this lovely little notebook.

My favourite features of this planner have to revolve around the mindfulness aspect though. Each day you write 3 different things you are grateful for, a positive affirmation about yourself and a good thing that happened on that particular day. Being the pessimist that I am, I often forget to look at the many positives that I experience in any one day and this helps me to sit down and reflect. I also find the daily affirmations helpful in reminding me my own self worth (if you struggle with this, at the beginning there are some examples included!).

I’ve found this Daily Goal Setter Planner has been so useful in so many different ways, and it also helps that its so beautiful!

So if you’re like me and you struggle to make things look neat an organised, and need a bit of extra help, then I would definitely recommend this as the product for you! You can also use BRSPECIAL15 for 15% off!

*DisclaimerWe were gifted these products by Mal Paper in return for a review. However, all opinions within the post are completely my own* – You can read our other reviews and opinions here.

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