Highkind CBD Oil Drops – My experience with this amazing product

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Recently, I’ve been trying the Highkind CBD Oil Drops (Cannabidiol) to see if they help improve my energy and focus levels throughout the day. I’ve had previous experience with CBD Oils, and I was reluctant to try these based on past experiences, but I’m really glad I did.

What is CBD Oil?

It’s important, before you read on, that you understand what CBD Oil actually is – CBD Oil is a natural remedy used for many things but for me, the main two areas I’m interested in are it’s ability to help with pain relief, and to help control anxiety and help improve your mental wellbeing. CBD Oil is not a medicine – and you should not use it to replace any prescribed drugs. CBD is a harmless part of the Cannabis plant – it has no psychoactive effects – which means it’s totally safe and legal to use, and can be purchased over the counter from many shops, or online from companies such as Highkind.

Highkind CBD Oil Drops

Previously, we’d tried CBD patches, and CBD oil, and personally, I hadn’t have great experiences with them. I thought I’d try for a third (and final time), and this time, was totally different. The first oil we tried previously, the taste was pungent, overpowering, and had little to no effect – and in my eyes, if something isn’t noticeably effecting you, it’s probably not doing anything 😉 Likewise, when we reviewed the patches, I noticed that I was getting headaches from them, but not much else. The cons really outweighed the pros.

The Highkind CBD Oil Drops, however, were quite different. They have a slight citrus taste to them, which means they don’t leave a foul taste in your mouth after taking them. I started with 5 drops, and soon moved up to 10, then 15 a day. You’ll know what dosage is right for you, and it very much is trial and error on that front. The drops come in a small glass jar, with a built in pipette so you can easily control the drops. It’s also child-safe, so no little hands getting in to the bottle.

  • Contains 1000mg of CBD per 10ml Bottle (10%)
  • Crafted with Full-Spectrum CO2 distilled Hemp Extract
  • Made with premium MCT Oil
  • Supplemented with Botanical Terpenes
  • Delivers a revitalising CBD experience

What did I notice?

On day one – very little. 5 drops was no where near enough to effect me – so I wrote that off and doubled the next morning. I took the drops just after breakfast, to set me up for the day. Normally, I struggle to get going first thing, I can be easily distracted and procrastinate like a champion. But, I noticed straight away that I was more focussed. I had energy to get things done, and my brain was working (as much as it could).

The next day, I took them mid-afternoon, in order to see if they helped with my exercise that evening. I get achey joints when using the bike (knees, mostly). I can safely say that I didn’t get any aches or pains that ride, which is quite unusual. The same happened the following two rides. Now, I’m no doctor, but my knees often hurt to the point where I feel like I need to stop pedalling – and that simply hasn’t happened since using the drops. This could be placebo effect, or total coincidence, but I’m a firm believer of things doing what they are advertised to do – I even remember over hearing a man on a train once who suffered from Fibromyalgia, saying how CBD Oil Drops had literally changed his life – taking away some of the effects he was experiencing. It might be (probably is) subjective, but I’m happy to report that these drops certainly worked for me.

I didn’t experience any headaches from these drops – I can’t say why, there could be many reasons (strength, quality of the product, I’m not sure) – but I’m converted. Before Highkind, if someone had have asked me about CBD Oil Drops, I’d have told them that they didn’t work for me, and to probably try something else. Now, however, I will recommend these drops to others (and as you know from our previous reviews, we aren’t just saying that because we were gifted these to try, we are honest about the products we test!)

*DisclaimerWe were kindly gifted these products by Highkind in return for a review. However, all opinions within the post are completely our own. You can read out other reviews and opinions here

5 thoughts on “Highkind CBD Oil Drops – My experience with this amazing product”

    • Sorry to hear you can’t take them right now – but certainly, when you can, it’s worth a try! They’re quite subjective, some of the ones we tried did very little for me, and some made me feel unwell (headaches), but these ones are the best I’ve used so far (and I’m not just saying that because we reviewed them, that’s a genuine truth, they’re really good!)

  1. Thanks for the great post. I need to try it!
    I am a big cbd fan myself as well. I use this cbd oil from the Cannapio brand


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