New Tunes Tuesday – Week 12 – Joshua Radin

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I’ve been saving this one, because I’ll be totally honest, if I could have just offered you all a Joshua Radin song every week – then I would. So this one comes as no surprise to people who know me, and hopefully a welcome introduction to Joshua Radin to those who have never heard of him before!

Joshua Radin – Winter

This song is one of the first songs to bring me to tears (totally unexpectedly). I first came across it in an episode of Scrubs – on a story line where one of the characters had been diagnosed with Leukemia; an illness that my oldest brother suffered from when he was younger (and thankfully, recovered). I don’t remember my brother being ill of course, but I am incredibly aware of the condition he had, and how it does sadly take the lives of many many people. In this one specific episode of Scrubs, the character (Ben, played by Brendan Fraser) passes away, much to the denial of one of the main characters, Dr Cox.

At Bens funeral, Dr Coz finally accepts that Ben has passed away after seeing his spirit around, and at that moment of realisation, this song kicks in. I can’t do the episode justice, even just watching a short clip for this post it got me teary. It’s absolute perfection for the moment, Bill Lawrence, Zach Braff – you should be proud of yourselves 😉

Since this song, I’ve been a huge fan of Joshua Radin – I’ve seen him live, and met him after a gig. Incredibly nice chap – the gig was in Bristol and no word of a lie, the room was so small, and packed, that there was sweat dripping off the ceiling, but it was worth that just to see him perform. Incredible.

Joshua Radin and me (circa 2011, ish?!) I’ve lost the original, damn.

Please do check him out, and watch some of his live videos on YouTube, too.

Being introduced to Joshua Radin opened many many musical doors for me – so please do check out artists such as Imogen Heap, Cary Brothers, William Fitzsimmons and Meiko.

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