My Alternative Christmas Songs – Blogmas Day 11

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First things first – there’s no Wham here – so if you’re in the midst of Whamageddon – you’re in safe hands. I fell in to Whamalla a couple of days ago – so thankfully I’m no longer tiptoeing around radio stations any more!

I thought it would be nice to share my top 10 off-piste Christmas songs – something a little different to break the normality of the classic Christmas songs. These aren’t in any particular order – I’ll put it out there now that “Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues is my all time number 1, because I grew up listening to it, it was my Mums (and still is) go-to Christmas song – but again, that won’t be featuring here either – lets take things a bit left field.

Keeping the Dream Alive – Münchener Freiheit 

Released in 1988 – “Keeping the Dream Alive” has absolutely no Christmas link whatsoever (honestly, check the lyrics, you tell me why it’s christmassy. But, there’s something about it that just feels right – and for me, that’s enough. Also, it’s not always on in every shop, on every radio station, so I’m not (yet) bored of it!

Scrooge – The Muppet Cast

No arguments here – not only is the Muppets Christmas Carol one of the finest Christmas movies of our time – the soundtrack is second to none. But this song, doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

Oh, Scroogey loves his money
‘Cause he thinks it gives him power
If he became a flavour you can bet he would be sour

The Muppet Cast

Another song that I’m not yet bored of, despite it being one of the first tunes I bang on when Christmas comes around. And yes, I referred to it as a tune, because it is (“Please sir, I want some cheese!”)

The Christmas Song – Frank Sinatra

So this song has been done a million times – but for me, you simply can’t beat a bit of Frank. We all love Bing Crosby singing White Christmas, but don’t overlook Frank Sinatra for a Christmas tune. His vocals on this track are exceptional, and it’s yet again another song that you won’t hear whilst rushing to buy a Turkey in Morrisons

In the Bleak Midwinter

Don’t ever overlook the ability that Classical Music can have to improve your mood. I could list you 20 songs here that would smash the “pop” Christmas songs out of the park, but I won’t 😉 However, for me, the Carols from The Kings College Choir was a regular on the TV when we were opening presents Christmas morning. Whilst I haven’t kept that tradition (I mean, I would, but Grayson wouldn’t be a fan!), I do still love listening to them. Even better if it’s snowing. Even better more so if it’s snowing, and you’ve got a nice hot drink to keep you warm, and a crackling open fire.

Santa’s Coming for Us – Sia

It’s not often that a banging Christmas song comes out to knock Noddy Holder or Wham off their pedestal, however, Sia has produced a strong contender with this track. It’s ticking all the Christmas vibe boxes, and is catchy and uplifting.

What Christmas Means – Paige Gold

This was an addition from Ashleigh – but a catchy Christmas song for sure. Again, it’s not likely to be blasted out from Primark whilst you’re fighting for socks, or played hourly on Magic 100% Christmas!

Christmas Time – The Darkness

Ok so this was nearly kicked off the list, because it is quite well known and quite popular. But I wanted to give it the nod that it deserves, because there’s not many artists that would have purposely tried to get the words “Bell” and “End” in the lyrics so many times, knowing exactly what they were doing. The Darkness, nailed it. Just listen, of course it says “Don’t let the Bells End”, and just after in the background you hear Justin shouting “BELL END” full pelt (3mins, 1sec ish). And that, that is the kind of dedication to childish phrases that I love.

O Holy Night – Josh Groban

I adore Josh Groban’s voice – honestly it’s one of those that I could listen to for hours. His rendition of “O Holy Night” is blissful – and another to pop on when you’re snuggled up with a hot chocolate – on Christmas Eve, when everything is done and dusted and you can enjoy the moment.

White Christmas – Kelly Clarkson

Unquestionably one of the greatest female vocalists around – Kelly Clarkson has a whole album of Christmas songs, and there’s some really classics on there. However, for me, her cover of White Christmas is excellent, and another song that you won’t be bored of by December 2nd 😉

O Holy Night – Ellie Goulding

YES It’s a duplicate from Josh Groban – Although it’s not – because they’re two very different voices. I know Ellie Goulding isn’t everyones cup of tea, and I’m with you on that for some parts – however – she has an incredible “raw” voice, and I absolutely fell in love with her cover of Roscoe by Midlake – and this cover of O Holy Night is up there for me as a really excellent version

So there we go, 10 Christmas songs that might just break the run-of-the-mill tunes that you’ve probably had enough of already. Of course, let’s not ignore the fact that we love the classics, even if they are old and repeated to within an inch of their life – we still crack them out every year and sing along – and that’s exactly why we love Christmas, right? 😉

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