Christmas Crafts for children – Blogmas Day 16

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I’ve found as Grayson has gotten older, that he loves doing crafts more and more – so why not do Christmas Crafts!. This has been the case even more during December, because he’s aware of Christmas and Father Christmas and some of the meaning behind it. So because of this he’s really into festive crafts.

I will just say, none of these ideas are specifically my own and I will link to anywhere that I’ve found and used craft ideas from. These are ideas that have helped me and will hopefully help you.

‘Make your own…’ Christmas sets

If you’ve got about as much crafting skill as a wet paper towel (I’m not judging, this is 100% me), then there are so many sets available to buy that include all the bits and pieces you need. They usually have instructions as well, and some added extras to customise them with.

This year I bought a few of these Christmas Craft sets, because then Grayson gets the opportunity to make decent crafts that we can then gift to other people! We’ve had snow globes, mugs, Christmas baubles and a few other sets. I got our kits from Home Bargains, but can’t seem to find them online!

If you’re unable to get into a shop, then there are plenty of online places to purchase from. Baker Ross has a huge selection of Christmas crafts, I came across this gingerbread house kit, which would be lovely for kids to do. You can never go wrong with Hobby Craft either, and I’ve just found this ceramic tea light holder that I’m disappointed I didn’t find sooner!

If you can, I would always recommend looking at smaller businesses on places such as Etsy or Instagram. So many companies do similar alternatives, and would really appreciate if you bought some crafts through them.

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards are always a winner, because you’re giving free reign for your kids to design the cards however they see fit. You could let them use pens, paint, crayons, stickers, glitter, glue – the possibilities are endless.

For younger kids (like Grayson’s age) you could either just let them do whatever they want, or draw a rough outline or trace something for them so that it looks roughly like it’s actually supposed to be something!

If you know sentimental people like me, then I’m sure they’d massively appreciate receiving a Christmas card from your little one and treasure it!

Christmas decorations

christmas crafts

It’s always lovely to make Christmas decorations, because you can keep them and put them up in the following years. We have a number of Christmas tree ornaments that get put on our tree each year that Grayson has painted, they may not be perfect, but I absolutely love having them on our tree.

You can find so many different options online if you don’t want to buy a kit, and you want to make them yourselves. You could use card, wood, salt dough – work with the tools you have available!

If you want something other than Christmas tree decorations, you could make some Christmas tree pine cone decorations to have around the house. You could also make a Christmas wreath to hang on your door, there are multiple wreath ideas that can be found here.

These are just a few ideas that I’ve found really useful to keep Grayson occupied during December. I would also recommend Pinterest to those of you that don’t already use it, because it’s incredible for crafting ideas! Do you have any Christmas Craft ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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