Jaques of London – a review of their beautiful toys.

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Disclaimer: I was very kindly gifted these 2 items from Jaques of London in return for a blog post, but all opinions included are my own. You can read more reviews and opinions here.

Like most parents of young children, I am constantly on the look out for toys, games, books, ANYTHING to keep Grayson entertained for more than 5 minutes. I personally prefer getting Grayson wooden toys, because I feel that they last better, fuel his imagination much more and encourage him to learn in different ways. So I love finding brands that have exactly what I’m looking for all in one place.

Enter Jaques of London, a company established over 200+ years ago. *Fun Fact* It’s also the oldest games company and sports manufacturer in the world, which in itself is pretty amazing. Jaques are a brand that focus on making toys and games that will bring joy to families, encourage less screen time and design fun toys with education in mind. All the key elements I look for when choosing items for Grayson. They very kindly asked if Grayson would like to try out a couple of their toys, and I knew how excited he would be to pick some toys out to play with!

Rather than choose the toys myself, I showed Grayson the selection that the team had sent over and let him choose for himself. He absolutely loved looking through all the different toys and deciding what ones he wanted to try out. He eventually settled on the Wooden London Bus and the Wooden Car Transporter – 2 toys which I would have definitely picked for him myself! They arrived less than a week later, and the packaging was absolutely gorgeous. It hurt my heart a little bit watching Grayson tear them open, but I can’t say I blamed him! I’ll now go more in to depth about each toy, and how Grayson has been on with them.

The wrapping, which I fell a bit in love with!

Wooden Car Transporter

The Wooden Car Transporter is a wooden lorry that can hold 4 coloured wooden cars. Grayson was immediately drawn to this, because his Granny and Grandad have something very similar, and I think it reminded him of them. The colours of the cars are so vibrant, and he loves loading the cars on and off of the back and incorporating them into his play, he also plays with the lorry and the cars separately or together. The options are never ending!

Initially, I did think he was going to get really frustrated with the fact that the back part comes un-attached from the front of the lorry. After a few attempts though, he had no problem at all. I also think he now enjoys trying to put the hole onto the pole to connect the 2 sections, and it really encourages him to work on his hand eye coordination. I love watching him pull this around the living room and pretending that he’s driving. This toy came under the section of Wooden Toys, which has a number of other toys under that section

Wooden London Bus

The second toy that Grayson recieved was the Wooden London Bus, which can be found under the Toys for 3 year olds section. This toy is so beautiful, it feels so sturdy and it’s nice to have to not constantly tell Grayson “be careful, it looks like it’s going to break” because I don’t feel like this toy is going to break at all. You can remove the top deck and put the little characters into the bottom deck of the bus, or just take them out and use them separately.

My favourite thing about this toy, is the fact that the little wooden characters don’t look the same. They are all different races and different genders, and I think this is so important in children’s toys! What would be even better is if they had some of the characters have disabilities as well, so that children are able to see even more individuals from different walks of life. This has definitely been Grayson’s favourite of the 2 toys though, and I can see why. He loves using his imagination with this one, and having them drive around different areas and coming up with stories for the different characters.

Overall, I’ve been so impressed with these toys for a number of reasons. You can see how much care and attention is put into each toy, they look like they’ve been made by a perfectionist because theres not a line out of place! But I can also see how much Grayson adores playing with them, and this is the main thing for me. He sat there the other day and went “I’m so lucky with my new toys mummy”, and he’s not wrong because they are so beautiful! He’s really appreciated having something new to add into his day to day play.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Jaques of London to anyone looking into buying toys or games for children, as they do such a range for different ages. I know I’ll personally be checking out more of their lovely toys! If you are interested in either of the toys I’ve mentioned, or you’ve found another toy to try out, you can get 15% off Jaques of London products when you sign up via this link.

Thanks so much Jaques of London for the wonderful toys!

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  1. These look fab and Grayson looks like he is having lots of fun with them. I love what you mentioned about the characters for the London bus, that they are a different race and gender. A great way to introduce this to children and to learn through play. Great review dudette.


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