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We are a young(ish) family, currently living in sunny(!) Suffolk. We started this blog when we first got together and relocated for work up to Liverpool, and we’ve tried our best to keep it going since then. You can read more about us here. You’ll find a range of subjects covered on the blog, including Mental Health, Parenting and a range of reviews and opinions, to name but a few. If you wish to work with us for guest posts, product reviews or collaborations – please email us to get in touch.

Our Christmas Food – Blogmas Day 23

Christmas Food

Without a doubt, other than the family side of things and being with loved ones, food is a massive part of everyones Christmas. This year, in absence of the former, Christmas Food might just be the comfort we seek! I love hearing what kind of culinary delights people knock up – and the traditions they adhere to from generations gone by! In this Post….. Our Christmas FoodHam Joint Sausage RollsRoast BeefRoastiesPudding Our Christmas Food Ham Joint One of my fondest food-related memories around Christmas is the Ham. I know it’s a simple thing, but my dad was (probably still is)…

What’s in our toddlers Christmas Eve box – Blogmas Day 22.

Previously I’ve never actually done a Christmas Eve box for Grayson, but because of how this year has panned out Covid and the pandemic, I really wanted to make it as special as I could. When I saw this lovely Christmas Eve box in Home Bargains (I actually saw it online and asked Mark to pick it up for me), I decided to do one for him this year! I love this box because it’s one that can be put away and reused in following years. There are so many different ones available online, I’d definitely recommend having a shop…

Christmas Traditions- Blogmas Day 20

This post actually perfectly coincides with a hashtag challenge I’m taking part in over on our Instagram, if you’re interested in finding out more check out littlepaperswan to see the challenge and her beautiful photos. Today’s post was on Christmas traditions, and that’s what today’s blogpost is on as well….

Talking to children about Father Christmas- Blogmas Day 18

Father Christmas is a topic of discussion that I’m sure many parents have gone backwards and forwards on. Whether they want their children to believe or not, what he brings, and how they’d ever explain things if their children started to ask questions. This is something that Mark and I…

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