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We are a young(ish) family, currently living in sunny(!) Suffolk. We started this blog when we first got together and relocated for work up to Liverpool, and we’ve tried our best to keep it going since then. You can read more about us here. You’ll find a range of subjects covered on the blog, including Mental Health, Parenting and a range of reviews and opinions, to name but a few. If you wish to work with us for guest posts, product reviews or collaborations – please email us to get in touch.

My walk home from work – Let’s talk about Sarah Everard.

My walk home from work - Asking what we can do as men to help women feel safer. Let's talk about Sarah Everard.

Trigger Warning. This post talks about subjects related to the disappearance of Sarah Everard. These include rape, cat calling and stalking. In this Post….. BackgroundSo why am I telling you this?Park that ego, chapsWhat can we do?What can I do? Background I want to start this post by taking you back to a time in my life when going out and getting drunk was pretty much a nightly event. It was 2008, and I was in my first “proper” job, working in Cardiff. I worked in the city centre, with a good friend from my uni days, along with many…

Our favourite lockdown board and card games

Our favourite lockdown board and card games

We’ve all been stuck inside for the best part of a year now, and let’s be honest, there is only so much you can watch on Netflix before you’ve completed it, right? So with that in mind, we thought we’d share some of the board and card games that we’ve been playing to pass away the evenings, without the TV on ;-). Here we have it, then – our top board and card games: In this Post….. 20 DreamsIncoherent PandemicTicket to RideA hat tip to the other board and card games we enjoy 20 Dreams First up, 20 Dreams (www.play20dreams.com)….

A Rosetta Stone Review

The last year has definitely had its challenges, but one thing we’ve been thankful for is spending more time together as a family trying new hobbies. While our focus has been on keeping the Grayson, lately Ashleigh and I have been trying to figure out new ways to keep ourselves…

Love Your Cycles – Period pamper box review

*Disclaimer* I was very kindly gifted this period pamper box, but all opinions included are my own. You can read more reviews and opinions here. As some of you may or may not be aware, since coming off the pill and using the fertility awareness method – I’ve become more…

Talking to children about death.

Now this may not be our most cheerful post, but I think it’s an important one! Let’s be honest, we have all experienced death, and our children will also experience death. Rather than shelter them from this, it’s better to try and explain it in a way that they’ll understand….

WUKA period pants – a review

Since I started my periods over 10 years ago, I’ve always sat firmly on the side of sanitary towels or ‘pads’. I never got on with tampons and just found them extremely uncomfortable, and so I’ve spent the whole of my adult life in pads when on my period. I’ve…

The First Break – Grayson and his Broken Wrist

Nothing says “Welcome to 2021” like a broken wrist, right?! What started as a fairly normal Saturday, the first weekend of January, soon turned in to one we won’t forget any time soon! As a parent, it’s one of those things that you hope your child never has to go…

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