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Earlier this year, Mark and I were sat discussing our plans for the next few months, and thinking of anything we wanted to look in to doing. We then started thinking that now would be the perfect time to start some sort of scrapbook, that way for each year we would have one and then we could look back at everything we had done in our time together.

Initially we considered doing this all ourselves and soon disregarded this as it seemed like a lot of effort, and both of us can be EXTREMELY lazy (within reason of course). I then remembered a few years ago when I saw a blogpost and video that lilypebbles posted about something called project life. After reasearching project life as much as possible, we both decided it was perfect for what we wanted.

We’re both very impulsive, so as soon as we made this decision we got in the car and went to HobbyCraft and purchased all the bits and pieces that we needed (I was basically in heaven). With project life, it takes all the mess out scrap booking. You can pick the plastic covers that your pictures go into, and you can also pick inserts to use as backgrounds or just to fill the gaps. There are a number of different groups of inserts, some better than the others. 

So now whenever Mark and I go and do anything, whether it’s out for dinner, go away for the day or the weekend- ANYTHING- we will put little momento’s or pictures and Polaroids in to the scrapbook. We plan on just building it up until it’s full and then starting another one each year.

We love it and it’s the perfect thing to have to look back over. I’ve included some photos from inside our scrapbook, just incase any of you were interested. If you want to start your own scrapbook but don’t want all the mess – then consider project life.

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