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It’s been a while (massive understatement) since Mark and I wrote any blog posts, and I’m so sorry for that. We weren’t really happy with how the blog looked and needed to change it, but just never got around to it. Now that we’re happy with how it looks, I think we’ll both feel more motivated to post.

However, that wasn’t the only reason. Whilst we’ve been away from the blog, a few different things have happened…

Whilst away in July at latitude festival, on the Saturday just before my favourite band were set to come on stage I got quite a shock. Mark got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and of course, I said yes! It was absolutely perfect and I didn’t think things could get much better. Until…

About a week or so after my 22nd birthday, I was moaning to mark for the 100th time that I was really tired and just felt like crap. Mark suggest that perhaps there was a chance I was pregnant. I was adamant that wasn’t the case and I was just under the weather, but just to prove a point I got a pregnancy test. 

And it turns out Mark was right!! I was pregnant and we were going to be having a baby by March 2018, which was a huge shock. I couldn’t believe it, Mark was surprised, but we were both very happy. I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant and we actually recently found out we’re having a little boy!

So as you can see, A LOT has happened over the last few months. It’s been busy, and scary but absolutely wonderful.

We will definitely try and post more and keep you updated on life and our goings on.

Ashleigh x

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