The thought of being a Dad…..

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For years, maybe, 31 of them, I’d convinced myself that I didn’t want children. I was happy just being me, just the best Uncle (of course) to many nephews and nieces, not really worrying about them once they’d left my responsibility zone. I guess its because I could never imagine having that level of responsibility, and had never been in that right situation where things were just right for that to happen. I said the same about owning a house, and marriage, and look where we are now!

So when Ashleigh discovered she was pregnant, I was in no way shocked, scared, or anything. In fact it all just felt so natural that it was just something to get on with and work through (happily, that is). We were already engaged, and had discussed the option of kids, so this was just a change to the original plan, really!

Even a year ago, I was holding my niece on Christmas day, and my parents both said that I’d “changed”. I was no longer desperate to put the baby down, or hand it back to its parents – or call it “it”. I was in awe, amazement, such a tiny human. Every sniff or blink made me smile. I guess at that point, I knew that I could manage with the thought of being a parent.

“Everything changes”

I’m a firm believer that this just shouldn’t be true. Of course, life changes, but doesn’t it always? Yes things will change, but be realistic, when doesn’t that happen? Ok so this is probably one of the biggest changes you’ll go through in life, but I don’t think it covers “everything” – I just think you need to adapt to the circumstances individually – no one wants wholesale life changes, right?

I can’t wait to meet my son (it’s weird saying that) – every day is a step closer to doing that. One thing I have noticed…it’s a WHOLE NEW WORLD of “STUFF”, something I’ll write about soon I’m sure!!

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