The Wedding Series – The Dress (and extras).

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Next in the wedding series, I thought I’d do a post on the wedding dress and all the little extras and accessories I got, and as I’m writing about my dress, it would be rude not to talk about my beautiful Bridesmaids!

I’ve had a wedding Pinterest board since I was around 14/15 and one of the main things that every girl thinks about is the dress. I’ve always had a very similar idea of the type of dress I wanted, but I planned on trying all different types of dresses and not to just stick to one type of dress initially.

So I booked in to go to 3 different shops in one day. I brought my mum, sister and Grayson and it was pretty much like a military operation. The first shop we went to, had some nice dresses but the last one I tried on was really what I was looking for and because it fit so well the shop offered to give me a good deal on the in store dress, rather than ordering it it.

I told the shop I still had a few shops to go to and didn’t want to commit straight away (which in hindsight probably means it wasn’t the dress for me) and that I’d let them know if I wanted it by the end of the day.

The next shop I went to, I only tried on one dress from memory and it was a really pretty, but it wasn’t for me and just didn’t really match the theme of the wedding.

The last place I went to was Pure Brides in Norwich and they were exactly what I’d always imagined a wedding dress shop to be. It was very luxurious and we had our own little room that looked very fancy, we had a glass of Prosecco and a consultant who helped with everything.

Before coming to Pure Brides, they have you fill in an online form with all the dresses you like so they can have an idea of what you’re looking for. So after we’d arrived and settled in I was taken to choose the dresses I wanted to try on, the first one I found I was like “I HAVE to try this dress” and then I picked another 3 or 4.

I tried the first one on, and I actually teared up, which I didn’t think I would do because it’s just a dress, but I genuinely did! I then tried the others on but none of them came close. My consultant then revealed to me it was my top dress in my online choice, so it was clearly meant to be!

After I’d chosen my dress and given it to the seamstress I started thinking about accessories. I bought my veil and hair vine from Amazon and my shoes from boohoo, as I didn’t want to spend loads of money on things that I didn’t consider important.

I bought my jewellery and my Bridesmaids jewellery from a small independent shop in Norwich and then my Bridesmaids dresses were actually from Asos and I loved them, my Bridesmaids looked stunning in them and the colours matched our theme perfectly.

I honestly had so much fun going to try on wedding dresses and I wish I could find a way to wear mine again!

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