The Wedding Series – Photography.

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One thing that Mark and I both knew was really important to the both of us was finding the right photographer for our wedding. We both have a very specific style of wedding photography that we like and because the photos are what you’ll always have to remember the day, it’s so important that you’re happy with them.

Mark and I prefer much more natural photography, we hated the idea of having list after list of people coming up for staged photos and then going off again and it all just feeling very forced. We wanted a photographer who would get a few staged photos but would mainly focus on getting natural photos of everyone.

We came across Ryan at a family wedding, where he got some beautiful shots but also blended in really well on the day. So we were keen to see if he had availability for our day and thankfully he did! The next step was actually having a meeting with him and telling him exactly what it was that we wanted, and any extra information we could give him at the time.

When the day came around, as I said before, he blended in so well and got some beautiful shots of our guests but also of Mark and I as well. I hate having my photo taken, as I don’t feel very comfortable being in front of the lense, and so I was really worried about how I’d look, but I’ve never seen nicer photos of me!

You can see how happy and in love we are, and I just love looking back at the photos. So it’s definitely worth researching photographers and making sure you find the right one for you. I’ll include a photo here, but I’ll keep most of them for a different post coming soon!

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