The Wedding Series – Tips and Tricks.

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This is the final post in our wedding series, it’s been a long series but I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as we have writing it!

Obviously we’ve done a number of posts on different aspects of the wedding and there was never any way we’d be able to include every single detail, so this last post is just any little tips we picked up along the way.

  • Research Research Research
    It may seem obvious, but you should really put in some hours to research all the different aspects that matter most to you. I don’t know how many hours I spent looking at venues, photographers, make up artists, wedding dress shops, and just so many other different aspects. But looking back, that research helped us to know end.
  • Use people’s talents
    If you’re looking to save money, try and get peoples help if you know they’re good at something – utilise them! My mums an incredible Baker and so she made our wedding cake for us as a wedding gift and Mark’s mum wrote all our place cards for us because she could to calligraphy. Just by having people help us we managed to save money.
  • Look for good deals
    This comes back to the researching, if you look hard enough then sometimes you can find some amazing deals. Our wedding favours were personalised love heart sweets, which I found on amazon and bulk bought for a great price (I also had an amazon voucher at the time, which was fab).
  • Check you can move/dance/sit in your dress
    This was a huge deal for me, I said to every dress shop that I wanted a dress I could move easily in as I’d be dancing and chasing after Grayson and so I didn’t want to be restricted with loads of layers or anything really tight.
  • Don’t ask, don’t get
    This is just as simple as it sounds. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. An example of this is that Mark and I asked the venue if they could supply sugar free redbull and fruit ciders behind the bar – and they did it for us. You just need to ask, there’s not harm in it!
  • Don’t wear a bra the morning of your wedding
    This might sound like a weird one, but I remember coming across this particular tip on Pinterest ages ago and it’s basically so that any photos taken throughout the day don’t show your bra straps (this is probably more for strapless dresses).
  • Keep a pair of trainers at the venue
    I didn’t actually do this on purpose but I had my suitcase from the night before and my vans were in there, and after wearing my heels all day they were very needed!

These tips aren’t going to work for everyone, but they definitely worked for us!

I hope you’ve enjoyed all these posts and insights into our wedding!

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