10 wishes I have for Grayson.

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I think it’s safe to say that when you have children, you start thinking of all the possibilities they’ll have in their life. The type of person they’ll be and what they’ll experience (hopefully all good, and unfortunately sometimes bad.)

I thought an interesting post to write (and to read) would be 10 wishes I have for Grayson in his life.

  1. That he’s happy. My biggest wish for Grayson, no matter what is that he’s happy and healthy. I know he’ll have times where he’s sad or angry or a number of other emotions, but all I want is for him to know that we’ll always be there for him and hopefully he will know that. As long as he’s happy, I don’t care how much money he makes or what he decides to do (within reason obviously) as long as he’s happy.
  2. That he’s finds someone who loves him for who he is. Obviously no one will ever love him as much as I love him, because I’m his mama and its just impossible. HOWEVER, I still hope that one day he finds someone who loves him and that he loves back.
  3. That he’s a feminist. Now this one, I know some people will be like “eurgh, now why would she say this/want this”. Hear me out! Feminism isn’t just for women and it’s isn’t a bad thing to be a feminist. I want Grayson to be tolerant of ALL people, and stick up for what’s right. That’s what I mean when I say that I hope he’s a feminist.
  4. That he will always trust us. I know a lot of teenagers keep secrets, I should know as I was one of them. Mark and I have always said we’ll try and have Grayson grow up knowing if he’s ever in trouble, to tell us so we can help rather than suffer in silence.
  5. That he gets to experience life. I hope that he travels, and goes to festivals and has fun with his friends and does all the things that we did as kids growing up but also gets to experience all the things that we weren’t lucky enough to.
  6. That the world is a more tolerant place. We have so many issues in our society currently: Brexit, abortion issues, prejudice and hate among other things. I want him to live in a world which I know is currently a fantasy but why can’t I dream of a better world for my little boy!
  7. That he has a beautiful planet to live on. With the state of our planet, some scientists believe we currently have 12 years left before we’re completely screwed. Which means Grayson would only get a real life up until the age of 13. I want him to experience the world for what it is, and that can only happen if we as adults now sort the issues so that our children don’t have to live with the consequences.
  8. That he’s never bullied. I experienced a lot of bullying growing up, and it’s something I wouldn’t wish on any child, but especially Grayson. I never want him to come home crying and not wanting to go to school because of something someone has said or done to him.
  9. That he finds a job that he loves. In an ideal work I’m sure no one would work, but that’s not how life works unfortunately. So if Grayson were able to find a job that he genuinely loved doing then I’d be happy for him.
  10. That he knows how much I love him. I know we’ll probably have arguments as he grows up and some days he won’t like me or he’ll be embarrassed by me, but I hope that jo matter what he’ll know how much I love him.

I have so many hopes and dreams for my baby boy in his life, but these are just a few of the wishes I have for Grayson in his life.

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