My daily makeup routine

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Since becoming a mum, I’ve definitely spent less time on my make up as I either don’t have the time or I just really can’t be bothered. However, since starting at work I’ve tried putting a bit more effort back into my appearance as new people shouldn’t have to deal with my eye bags just yet.

I tend to take around 45 minutes (give or take) in the morning to get ready. This is brushing my teeth, washing and moisturising my face, brushing my hair, and doing my make up is probably the most lengthy part of that.

I start by applying a primer on my eyes and then I’ll just do a super basic smokey eye (I’m talking one light and one dark). I’ll then apply a primer on my face and use a little bit of my Bourjois foundation just to even out my skin tone, and then use some of my collection concealer on any blemishes and under my eyes, I’ll blend all this in and just set it with some translucent powder. I then use some bronzer, blush and highlighter- as I don’t really have any favourite products right now, I’ll just use whatever I’ve got at the time.

I then use my trusty collection eyeliner and line my eyes and apply whatever mascara I have at the time. Lastly I use my soap and glory eyebrow pencil and set them with a clear brow gel.

With that I’m all done and go through to check on Grayson and put my work clothes on.

Obviously on weekends, and when I’m not working I’ll wear no makeup but it’s nice to make an effort sometimes!

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