Latitude 2019

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It’s become a bit of a tradition for us now to go to Latitude every year, whether it’s for a day or the whole weekend. Mark and I went for the whole weekend in 2017, which is when we got engaged (and little did we know, Grayson was also chilling in the background).

Last year we went for a day and had a wonderful time, but Grayson was only 3-4 months at the time so he didn’t really enjoy it overly and we couldn’t enjoy it as much as the year before.

So this year, we decided to go on the Saturday as our nieces birthday was on Sunday. We actually booked the tickets before we even knew who was performing, just because we wanted to go for the day and weren’t really going for any reason other than to spend time together.

We arrived around lunch time, just because the weather wasn’t supposed to be as nice as past years and we wanted to miss the rain (spoiler: we did not miss the rain). Once we had gotten into the arena we all split off to get food and drinks and then met up again and found a spot to set up shop for a few hours!

Mark and I got burger and fries, and the burgers were INCREDIBLE and Grayson was going to town on the fries. We’d also bought a lunch box full of snacks for him to eat, so he was never hungry or thirsty (which is something you really need to be aware of with kids at days out like a festival!)

We then just spent the next few hours walking around, as Grayson loves being able to walk. He also bloody loves to dance, the moment that kid hears a tune he has to start dancing. It’s so sweet to watch and it’s lovely because it makes complete strangers smile and laugh because he just looks so funny!

In terms of music, for us personally this was one of the more boring years. However, we still had a wonderful time regardless and no doubt we’ll go back next year, because it’s such a wonderful thing for us to do as a family and I hope we plan on going for many more years to come!

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