Our evening routine.

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Since having Grayson, our evening routine has stayed pretty constant unless we’re out or on holiday. We like to try and keep his routine as much as we can just so he always has a sense of normality and will hopefully sleep OK (this obviously doesn’t always work). I always find these types of posts quite interesting to read and in some ways they can be helpful!

5pm Mark finishes work and will come downstairs and play with Grayson for a bit. We usually put cbeebies on to get ready to pause for the bedtime hour. I know not all parents like TV time, but a little bit doesn’t hurt in my opinion.

5:30ish It’s around this time we’ll all sit down for dinner, we’ll have either made something earlier in the day to eat that we all have. However, Grayson’s teething quite badly at the moment which is making him really hard to cook for. So currently his favourite meal is fish fingers, potato waffles and lots of peas. He’ll then have a yogurt and some fruit for dessert.

6pm After dinner we fast forward and start the bedtime hour on cbeebies and just read Grayson’s books and just cuddle and wind down as much as possible. Grayson loves readings books so he usually brings his whole book box over to be read, whilst occasionally glancing at in the night garden.

7PM We start running his bath at this time and get his milk ready for afterwards. We then have a bath and play with some of his bath toys and just give him a wash and brush his teeth and then take him upstairs. We’ll put on a fresh nappy for the night and put on his pyjamas and brush his hair. He also loves having his feet rubbed at the moment so Mark will moisturise his feet. We tend to turn the lights down low and put some lullabies on.

7:30ish Once he’s ready for bed we’ll take him through to his room and give him his milk. Mark and I usually take this in turn, and once he’s finished his milk I’ll usually just sit and have a cuddle with him until he’s drifted off and then put him into bed. I’ll then go downstairs and we’ll just relax for the rest of the evening.

Obviously this is what works for us. People will always have different routines and things that they’d do differently, but this is what we choose to do and what works for us and we’ve pretty much had this routine since Grayson was about 6 months old. I’m sure it’ll keep changing but it’s working for us right now!

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