Why I don’t mind bed sharing with Grayson.

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We didn’t intentionally co-sleep. We thought Grayson would go from sleeping in his sleepyhead to his cot, and then from his cot to a big boy bed. However, it obviously hasn’t worked that way.

Grayson has never been the best sleeper, don’t get me wrong he isn’t awful but in his own bed he’s a nightmare. He either won’t go down or he’ll wake up a while later and refuse to go back down, so we’d have him sleep in our bed. We’ve have a lot of people put their 2 cents in on how to get him to sleep through in his own bed, but at the end of the day, Grayson won’t be in our bed forever.

One day he might be at an age where he won’t even want to hug me or tell me he loves me, so I’m going to treasure the times where he does sleep in our bed. When he wants to cuddle closer to me and I can’t stroke his face and smell his hair and look at my beautiful little boy. Don’t get me wrong, when he sleeps through I will be over the moon, but it will also be very bitter sweet.

We’ve found by having him sleep in bed with us, not only does he sleep better but so do we. Yes, we both end up on the edge of the bed and get beaten up in our sleep but we still sleep much better than having to wake up and trying to settle him again.

Maybe it isn’t the right this to do, but it works for us and so I’ll carry on having my boy in our bed as long as he wants to be.

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