Redecorating our toddlers room.

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When we moved into our house last year we redecorated EVERY SINGLE room. It was a long process but we finally felt happy with (nearly every) room. However, there was something about Grayson’s room that we never felt fully happy with.

The stars and moon that we painted on Graysons wall
The other half of Graysons room, with the door that we have now removed

Grayson has never been a great sleeper, and the only nights we will get a decent sleep is if he’s in our bed. So we decided around a month ago to get him a brand new big boy bed, but we both knew that his room still wouldn’t feel like a bedroom and so we really needed to have a think on how to change that. 

We initially decided to paint 2 of the walls in a teal colour and wallpaper the other 2. Our house is so old, it’s quite unusual in its layout and shape with the rooms. Between our room and Grayson’s room there’s a small cupboard that Mark turned into a walk in wardrobe, but the door for this cupboard actually initially started out in Grayson’s room (we have a door in our bedroom that Mark put in a while back).

So before doing any decorating, Mark took the door off and filled in the hole, so there was no longer an entrance or extra door in Grayson’s room. After this we painted the walls teal and the skirting boards with a fresh coat of white, and proceeded to put the wallpaper up.


The wallpaper looked awful, it wouldn’t stay up and had so many bubbles behind it. We think that the people who owned the house before us painted the room with an anti mould paint or something, because the wallpaper refused to stay up. So we went back to the drawing board and decided to rip the one wall down that we had done, and paint it instead.

Graysons new bedroom
The wall where door once lived, but not anymore!

We decided on a light grey to compliment the darker teal, and then have pops of yellow and mustard throughout the room.

We’ve put some beautiful prints on each wall, and a lovely friend of ours is making a beautiful cross stitch to go above Grayson’s bed and it looks like a completely different room now!

It feels like a proper bedroom now and Grayson already loves spending more time in there!

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