Why I’m happy being a mum of one.

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I have so many people ask me if I plan on having anymore children, and when I say no the response is usually one of shock and confusion.

Growing up, I saw myself having 2-3 children. I think being 1 of 2 children, it probably made me think 2 is a good number and as I got older and loved kids even more I added another kid into the metaphorical mix.

However, having had Grayson, both Mark and I have said we’re content with being a family of 3. Grayson is our world, and we love just being a trio. I know a lot of parents worry they wouldn’t love any children after their first as much, but that’s not a concern of mine because obviously if we had more children I’d love them all equally. For me the reason I’m happy being a mum of one, is more than worrying I couldn’t love any other children.

Mark and I are comfortable in terms of our finances, for this reason we can do nice things that other families aren’t fortunate enough to do and we know we’re extremely lucky (but we also work very hard obviously). It’s because of this, we know that growing up Grayson will be able to experience so much more than a lot of children he will know. The more children we have, the more we have to stretch our finances (which again, we would be able to do but why not live comfortably?).

I’m also very content with just having Grayson, I think due to the birth I had (you can read more about it here) I’ve been put off by the thought of having to go through that again and instead of forcing myself to have more children because other people think I should – why not just love and enjoy the child I do have?

Don’t get me wrong, Mark and I haven’t completely ruled out more children. But I’d say the chance of this happening in the near future is slim, and we’re okay with that. Grayson has many cousins and close family, so he’ll never be lonely. We’ve also said we’d just get him a dog, instead of a sibling (which would also be great for me because I love dogs).

So why change anything right now? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

(This is obviously just how I feel, I still love babies and children and I’m excited for anyone that has more children. It’s just my personal preference currently).

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