Personality traits I’ve inherited from my parents.

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I think I saw this post somewhere (I can’t remember who did it, so I’m sorry I can’t credit who gave me the inspiration for this post) and found it a really interesting concept for a post. One thing worth mentioning: I’m only going to choose 1 trait per parent, otherwise it’ll end up a long post and also I am my own person and a lot of my personality is my own.

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My mum

From my mum I’d say the biggest influence to my personality is her kindness. When I say this, it’s because one of my biggest memories of my mum growing up is her helping everyone and anyone who would need it. It didn’t matter who they were, if you needed my mum’s help then she had your back.

She was and still is a helper, and it’s one of the many things I admire about her. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people will use and abuse that kindness and unlike my mum I’m so stubborn that I won’t give people many chances. But I’ve definitely got my desire to help people in anyway I can from my mum.

My dad

From my dad (who isn’t my biological dad, but in my eyes he is) I’d say he’s probably the most hard working person I know. I’m nowhere near as hard working as he is (in comparison, I’m lazy), but I’ve always known him to work his ass off, no matter what.

If I’ve got a job to do, then I will get that job done. I can’t leave a job unfinished, especially if I know that people are relying on me. I think growing up seeing someone working so hard, rain or shine, has definitely rubbed off on me.

My step dad

And from my stepdad, I’d say its my self awareness. I’m very aware of my past and the things that could have affected me as a person, but I’ve chosen to grow as a person instead of letting my past or my issues define me.

I can also see in other people their behaviour patterns that affect who they are. This is something I’ve developed from my step dad because the main quote I live by (…something I’m not going to say on here for anyone that dislikes swearing…) and it’s made me believe that yes people can go through tough times, but instead of letting it define you, you should learn from it.

I’m very self critical of myself and probably always will be, but these are probably 3 of my best and most defining qualities.

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