The hardest things about being a parent.

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If you read my post regarding the best things about being a parent, then you’ll know that I said I’d do a post about the less-than-great things. As I said in that post, being a parent is incredible and beautiful but it’s also hard work.

So here are some of the difficult points of parenting.

The sleepless nights

Everyone tells yous about how little you’ll sleep in the early days and although you’re aware of it, you can never truly prepare for it. Mark and I were exhausted for so long, because Grayson just wouldn’t sleep. This is why we ended up co-sleeping because it was the best decision for everyone. If you’re a new parent – it does get better! Just keep going and do what’s best for you and your baby.

The mum guilt

For me, mum guilt is probably the top thing I find difficult about being a parent. People are so judgemental of you and how you’re choosing to raise your children, but no one is more judging than you are of yourself. It starts from the moment your baby is born, and I don’t know if it actually ever stops. I quite often find myself feeling guilty that I’m not doing enough for Grayson (I’ve actually written a post on mum guilt that you can find here). You just have to try to ignore the little voice in your head telling you that you are doing enough.

Not being able to wrap them in bubble wrap

As a parent, you want to keep your child safe and happy and protected. You can try your best, but you can’t always control things and unfortunately your child is bound to get hurt eventually – whether physically or emotionally. It starts with your little babies having their jabs and their little screams break your heart, because you want to make it all better. Then they start to get ill and start to get bumps and scrapes as they get older, and you have to let them learn and grow even if you want to wrap them in cotton wool and protect them.

There are plenty of other difficult aspects to parenting, but there are so many amazing aspects that far outweigh anything else.

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