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We all know I have a very push/pull relationship with social media (as I previously mentioned in this post) but through all its faults I find some accounts really beneficial and interesting. Especially on Instagram, and so I thought why not share those with you incase any readers are looking for new accounts to follow!


I love astrology, and I love self depricating humour and so this account is perfect for me and genuinely has me snorting sometimes at how accurate the posts are. Obviously if your star sign isn’t Leo then it doesn’t really apply, but try looking for accounts in relation to your own star sign if you’re into stuff like that. You won’t be disappointed.


I LOVE this account. It’s all about parenting, and gender norms and stereotypes that people put onto child (whether they’re aware or not). I find stuff like this so interesting to read, and I agree and love so much of what they preach about.


Another astrology based page, but this is more of a cosmic guide for all star signs rather than just focusing on one. I know the details of my astrology birth chart and so I always find it interesting to find out more about myself (because a lot of the time the information is very accurate).


This is probably one of my most favourite accounts at the moment. I can’t afford counselling currently, and I still haven’t found a new therapist in my area that jumps out to me. So I find this account so useful, as it’s run by Nedra Glover, a therapist/speaker/writer and some of the posts are so helpful for me to understand how I’m feeling the way I am or what I can do to try and help myself at that moment in time.


This is a similar account to the one above, run by a lady named Nicole and its also extremely helpful in helping me identify certain feelings and thoughts. I also find some of her posts just make me feel a little bit better sometimes.


This account has been INCREDIBLE for me. I contacted them this time last year after I began to wonder if I’d had a traumatic birth. They listened to my birth story and how I was feeling and they were just so lovely and understanding and it’s just such a wonderful account and makes me feel so much more comfortable about talking about my birth.

I do have a number of other accounts that I really enjoy following, but I think that I should leave it there. I hope you find these posts as interesting as I do!

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