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TW : Lying politicians, mentions of Brexit. Possible rage trigger. You’ve been warned.(serious, some of this stuff fills me with anxiety)

This post isn’t designed to tell you how to vote – we live in a democratic society, you can vote for who you wish. However, it is designed to help highlight how we think about voting, and how we’ll decide who to vote for, come December 12th.

I’m not going to dwell on Brexit

It is what it is. The campaign running up to Brexit was littered with lies and falsifications. People were persuaded to vote in a certain way that would clearly only profit others, and in hindsight, I wonder if a lot of people have changed their mind. Anyway, it happened, and we’re here now, with a General Election in a weeks time (ish).

Brexit bought out the worst in politics, and it has done ever since, for 3 years now. We’ve seen petty squabbles in the chambers, protest after protest on the streets – and even (supposed) interference from other Countries to help sway our political groundings to suit their own agendas.

However, what we’ve witnessed in the past 6 months is the icing on the cake for me. Time and time again, we’ve watched our highest levels of Politicians, stand up in front of their peers, and, without a single ounce of remorse, lie. Just straight up, total lies. Heck, Boris Johnson even sent Jacob Rees-Mogg to the Queen, to lie to her face, knowing full well it was, err, lies. If you want to see more of the lies, check out the twitter feed from “Led By Donkeys” – It’s purely a factual feed of the lies produced from the Government, straight from the horses mouth, so to speak.

There’s no actual count of how many times we’ve been lied to, it’s unmeasurable now. But what is known, is that the public, our parliamentary system, everyone, deserves better.

Put Brexit aside; what becomes of that is something else.

Right now, we are voting to get a Parliament in place that is honest to us, and honest to themselves. A Parliament that puts right the wrongs, and does so with grace and decorum.

The time has come for a change

We know that our current Prime Minister is in this for himself; he is incredibly untrustworthy and and outright liar. We, the people, have a chance to make a change. They’re calling it a “once in a generation election” – and I think they’re right.

From Brexit, to the NHS, to the living wage, to pensions, to public services and armed forces; You have the chance now to cast a vote that can hugely change the future of our country.

And let’s be honest, our country has hardly covered itself in glory in the past 3 years – let’s make a change.

We’ve been quite honest to people about our voting intentions – we’re in no way pushy political people; but we’ll be voting for Labour on the 12th December.

Regardless of whether you “like” Jeremy Corbyn, the answer is not “Well, I don’t like him, so I’ll have Boris“. This isn’t about whether you like the person; that person has a cabinet behind them. It’s about what you believe is the right thing, based on their manifestos, and recent history. The Conservatives have proven that they care very little for the majority of the people in our country – look at the state of the NHS, the cuts in policing, the way they handled Grenfell Tower. Remember, they are known for lies, so things like the “4 new hospitals and 20,000 new police officers” have been found out to be just that, lies.

I don’t want to venture down the rabbit hole of lies, I really don’t, but what I do want is for people to make an informed, educated decision, before they put a cross in the box purely because “I don’t like how Corbyn looks or sounds”, or “He’s old”.

That just isn’t what this is about

So please, do two things for me:

1: Do your research in to the parties, and what they are offering, for you, and your family

2: Vote. Just vote. Go and vote. VOTE. There is no such thing as a wasted vote, so stop being lazy and ignorant (yeah, I said it), and go and vote for the party that YOU believe in, and trust.

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