The end of a friendship can be harder than the end of a relationship.

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I’m sure anyone that reads this post will have experienced the breakdown of a relationship at some point, and although it’s never nice, in some ways losing a friend can be that bit worse.

One thing I remember seeing once was a quote that said something along the lines of when you get into a relationship, it will either end up with you spending the rest of your lives together or you’ll end up splitting up. Until I met Mark, that was always at the back of my mind (the joys of an anxious mind) so I always knew it would go one way or the other.

With a friend though, that isn’t something you necessarily think about. You don’t think about whether they’ll be in your life forever or not, because although they’re a friend and just as important you don’t consider it in the same way. You just think they’ll always be there.

I’ve had friendships and relationships break down, and in some ways I’ve found the end of friendships much harder. When things go wrong in your life, you tend to turn to your friends for that support and so when that friend is no longer around, you do mourn them in a way.

It’s sad losing a friend, because where you can move on from a relationship and meet someone new, with a friendship you find that in certain circumstances you find yourself thinking about them. It does get easier though, ofcourse it does. It does depend on the reason for the breakdown, but no matter whos fault it is, it’s still hard.

However, I think regardless of how the end of a friendship makes you feel. It has clearly ended for a reason, just like a relationship does. So it’s okay to mourn the breakdown, but just remember these things happen for a reason.

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