Baby names we liked but didn’t use.

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Before Mark and I even knew we were having a baby we’d discussed baby names and Grayson was always our number 1 choice. We obviously played around with the idea of a few different names, but nothing ever came above Grayson for us. However, these are some of the names we loved.

I’m going to do 2 boys (we didn’t have many others as we just knew from the moment we were having a baby, that he was Grayson) and 3 girls. This is a pretty pointless post, but I find stuff like this interesting and it might help people struggling with names!


Ophelia was my top girls name, it’s different and pretty and you could shorten it to Phe or Leah. Mark initially wasn’t too keen, but just before we found out we we’re having a little boy, he started to like it a lot more.


It’s a name that we both liked, but we never fell in love with it. Its still on my list of names now, just because I like how it sounds.

Isabel / Isabella

I do think if Grayson was a girl, this could have possibly knocked Ophelia out of the way. It was a name that Mark put on the table, and it’s a name that we could both see our baby with.


Not James, just Jamie. I like a lot of names that end in ie, I’ve just always found them simple and sweet and I like that for a child’s name.


We both really liked the name Ottilie and Ottie for short, but it wasn’t as high up on our list as some others.

What names did you like but didn’t use?

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