Why the toddler stage is my favourite.

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I often remember a lot of parents saying “new borns are a breeze, it’s toddlers are the difficult ones” and I remember looking down at my little squishy baby wondering how he could ever become difficult.

Grayson is now 20 months old, and heading for 21. He hasn’t been a baby in a long time (obviously he’ll always be a baby in my eyes), and in specific terms a toddler is a child between the ages of 12-36 months, which Grayson is definitely in. Although I miss my chubby little baby, I can hand on heart say that I adore the toddler stage.

Sure, Grayson (like absolutely any child) has his moments where he’ll have a tantrum if he doesn’t get his own way or he’s tired or not feeling well. Generally though, he’s so mellow that I’m always surprised at how calm and understanding of things he is. We’re very lucky that Grayson is a child that saves his tantrums just for when he’s with us at home, which I don’t mind because it clearly shows he’s trusting of us and the space we live in.

We take Grayson places and do things with him, and I can honestly only think of 1 time that he had a slight meltdown in tk maxx because he wanted a nap and another time in Costa because he wasn’t very well. That’s it. In general he is so well behaved, I think he’s better behaved than me!

The legend that is Grayson Craig xoxo

I love the toddler stage, because although there are tantrums and tears, he is just incredible. I love that we can have conversations and he actually understands and responds to what I’m saying. I love teaching him new things and watching him process what I’m saying. I love watching him use his imagination. I love that he gives me kisses and cuddles because he wants to. I love that he tells me he loves me. I love him and I love the age he’s at.

So this might sound like I’m bragging, which in a sense I am because I’m a mum whose proud of her little boy BUT that is not why I’m doing this post. I’m doing this post for every new parent that is struggling with the new born phase, and has someone say “just you wait, toddlers are worse” because yes it’s hard but so is having a new born.

You’ve got this, so ignore what anyone else says and just enjoy all the milestones and quirks of the age your child is at!

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