My favourite parenting/children related apps.

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I did a post a while back all about my favourite apps and so I thought I’d do a separate post about some of my favourite apps that I’ve found useful since becoming a parent. Whether they’ve been useful for me or apps that I let Grayson use.

YouTube: Kids

We have a tablet that we let Grayson use in the mornings when he’s in bed with us, and the main app that Grayson will always go for is the YouTube app. We got the children’s one after both of our histories became full of bob the train and Thomas the tank engine.

I really like this app, as Grayson finds it really easy to use. All of the content is age appropriate and there are no adverts included on the app, you can also control things like the amount of time your child uses it for (we currently don’t use this function).

The Wonder Weeks

So I did mention this in my top 5 apps post that I mentioned at the start of this post, but I just had to mention it again. When Grayson was a little baby, this app was a godsend, if Grayson was being particularly fussy and I’d exhausted all my options I’d end up going on the app and it would be like “is your child being the spawn of Satan?? Here’s why” and 9/10 times it was spot on.

It gives you ways to help your children thrive with their learning, but also ways to help them if they appeared to be struggling with the mental leap they were going through at the time. I recommend this app to every new parent I meet!


This is the only app on my phone that I have for Grayson, and so far it’s the only app I’ve ever needed for him. KidloLand is a great interactive app that is for kids from 1-5 years old. You can pay and get a huge selection of games, stories and songs. However, if you’ve got minimal dollar like myself, there are also a large number of options on the app that can be used for free.

Grayson loves the app, when he was younger he was much more interested in watching the songs because of bright colours and music. Whereas now he’s much more into the games and puzzles. If we’re out for dinner and Grayson is getting bored, I’ll get this app on because I’m his mum and sometimes needs just keep your child happy so you can eat your chips in peace.

British Red Cross : First Aid for babies and children.

This was one of the first apps I ever downloaded after Grayson was born, it might have been my anxiety but I was so worried that something would happen to Grayson and that I wouldn’t know what to do. So when I can across this app, I automatically downloaded it and went through all the information included.

As you can see above, they give you information on a whole variety of scenarios that could possibly happen. You can read through each section and then do a test on each of them to make sure that you’ve understood all the information. It also has the option to include your child’s medical information, and an emergency tab on what to do in dire situations. It’s an incredibly useful app, and although I’ve never had to use it I’m glad that I have it.

I hope this post gives you some ideas if you’re expecting, or you’ve already got a baby or young children. Do you have any apps that you’d recommend? Comment below!

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